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God Apollo

This was originally my favorite design for the project when I had all the Gods just sketched out. He and Artemis are meant to be twins, with similair designs. Apollo is meant to be more balanced in his design (since he's the god of balance and reason), while Artemis is meant to be a little more asymetrical, but still very similair to Apollo. I'm a little disappointed, because originally I wanted Apollo to be emitting light, so that his actual skin would be glowing. But by doing that, you lose the form and definition of his body, so I decided to render his form and give sort of a glow effect around him. Not quite what I envisioned, but its still close. And by the way, he isn't actually the sun God, contrary to popular belief (thats Helios), he just heralds in the sun every morning... and I just realized now that it doesn't make sense for him to have a shield if he's an archer... but oh well hehe.
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My name is Sergi Justribó , I ´m teacher , I have a blog about myths and legends. I Put your fantastic picture of Apollo in my blog.


I hope you are in agreement.



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Bow and shield, odd combination. But well drawn.
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Great job, I love how you drew Apollo in this, it is kind of odd that he has a shield but It's really well drawn.
Its absolutely perfect... He reminds me of an Egyptian version of him, more like a combination of a Greek and Egyptian. The Greek gods have more in common with their Egyptian counterparts then people read in popular myths and fiction, so this is really original and beautiful representation of Apollo.
All your gods are wonderful :trophy:
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Your art's been stolen.

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Since he is the god of poetry and music, and later took place of Helios. Apollo is usually pictured with a lyre, which was gifted to him by Hermes, or a bow and arrow
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very cool!
do you mind if I use this on a project that I am working on?
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I think that is the best version of Apollo I have seen, nice job dude. That is some serious artwork^^
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I love the colouring!
He is also the greek god of poetry and music and archery... i always thought him to be more beatiful... his skin looks werid to me... but i still like it none the less
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Hi! I love myths! I have featured this beautiful art in my journal here: [link]
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is apollo considered the god of homosexuality? since he represents only attractive men and is known to have had sex with more men than women. cool concept too :P
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it's all so confusing... so Apollo isn't the sun god? But isn't helios a titan since his mum to was a titan, i guess his dad zeus is a god???? jeez where does selene or eos come into this???
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I know, it's confusing. In my school project I got Apollo and I know he is the sun god. But then my friend got Helios and he is also the sun god... And also Artemis is the god of the moon while Selene ( Helios's sister) is the moon god. That really confuses me..
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lol at least we know eos doesn't have a mix up
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lawl.. true, no one is like her.
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Well, the shield DOES protect him from other archers... sorta...

Still, pretty awesome design... love it ^^
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This is beautiful! It's so balanced and colorful!
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This is probably the most awesome rendition of Apollo I've ever seen.
In fact, each one of these Greek Gods are amazing.

But aren't you missing Dionysus?
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