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ToS Yuan - Colt Version

My own My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic plushies!

A little crossover to Tales of Symphonia for :iconsoryualeksi:

Fabric: Minky
20 cm tall
Mouth and nose are embroidered by hand
Eyes and cutie mark machine embroidered by me

Pattern is based upon :iconvalleyviolet:
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Oh he is adorable! <3
SonaAndKatrinaChan's avatar
It's soooo cute, I love it! <3 <3 <3
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I hardly remember this game... He is revealed to be Yggdrasil, right? Pony version, a horn appears! Really nice doll, the hair part looks odd from above, but it looks really good from the side. The sixth image is his best angle. Wings look odd, I think that the issue is that the feathers are short-long-short and it looks like a hand. Maybe it would be better as long-medium-short or long-long-short, with the shorts lowest, ya know? More like real wings. The embroidery is very fine.
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Nope. xD

He is revealed to be one of Yggdrasill's former companions (and was engaged to his sister). ;)
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See! I don't remember that game. I loved it, but that was a while ago.
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It will be re-released as a HD remaster for PS3 in February~ *just for your interest* XD
Psudopods's avatar
*does not own any playstations* ;.; I will enjoy the renewed interest from other people, new fans, new fun!
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Yuan Ponyyyy yessssss :D
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What a cutie. I love how you've done the mane! :)
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Awwww I wanna have Yuan Pony too~ He's adorable as a pony *squeels* :heart: 
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*squeels forever internally*


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