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Haven't touched photoshop since march - been in an artistic slump. Had to do something....

:bulletblue: About
The subject is well portrayed before - a massive galaxy with a super-massive black hole in its center. The hole being invisible, all light vanishing from the great gravity. The quasar itself, among the brightest, most luminous objects in the universe, is being powered by an accretion disc around the black hole.

:bulletgreen: Resolutions
Original resolution: 6000x5000
Wallpaper: 1920x1200 widescreen

If you want other resolutions that can be arranged :)

I'm rusty as hell, and it feels! Critique and comments warmly welcomed. But please... be nice ;)

Also, thx to #spaceart for suggestions and critique
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Is it ok if I use this photo for a science project I am doing on space?
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I used this image as a BG to my song; I hope that's ok! I can always take it down :O

I linked your deviant art page in the description.…
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Absolutely fantastic!
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quasars are awesome, in my opinion they are the most interesting thing in space
UltraStallion's avatar
and among the brightest too
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I think those energy rays of its axis should maybe reach further, beyond the borders of the image. It'd add to the dynamic of the piece, I think.
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I was trying to find a quazar pic for my work so I go to DA first instead of some searchers. I was expecting to find a lot of pictures. But there were not so many. Hopefuly your work absolutly satisfited me :)

So 10x for sharing. All credits will go to you

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I feel like its rotating. Just a beautiful portrayal of how small we really are
InTheStarryNightSky's avatar
Beautiful! A lovely piece.
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Can you create a 4800x900 Widescreen Version of this? I think it would look AMAZING on my Eyefinity display.
tadp0l3's avatar

Anyways, that is one strange resolution. What I would do is crop it, possibly tilting it a bit. You'd loose a lot of the upper and lower parts of the imagine cropping it to that resolution though :/
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Eyefinity, is when you run three displays off of one single GPU, I don't mind whatever you can do in your own time would be great!
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It's been featured here [link] Great job! :D
Gurt-B-Froe's avatar
I love science and space, great pic!
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I tend to agree with priteeboy about the relativisitc jets, and the stars are a little big (I do the same thing) but nitpicks aside, it's really a nice piece :)
Hello, i used your wallpaper in a creation :

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This piece is no stock.
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Quasars. Mysterious lights on the edge of universe. Splendid art!
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Thank you, I appreciate it! :)
johnny-boy-is-dead's avatar
I love quasars :heart:
... Can I say this about the most dangerouse thing in universe?
Don´t know :D but it looks fucking fantastic!
Well done! :pat:
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Thanks a lot! :)
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