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Speed paint, ~1 hour - give or take.

Tools: PS only

My computer is on the brink of self destruction. I'm on a laptop, and I have to keep it in energy-saving mode (much reduced performance) or it'll heat and turn it self off.

Had a submission for the unknown moons contest planned, but can't work on any heavy stuff in PS due to the crappy performance. So this is all brushwork.

Dunno if I like it or not, might move it to scraps.
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Where it all began....
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I really like this :)
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Do you mind if i use this as a background image on my logo for my music company?
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For a fee, yes. Send me a note and we can talk.
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How much we talking then, send you a note?
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Sorry, been inactive all summer. Yes, send me a note.
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There's a button in the upper right corner that says "note", sends a private message to me.
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Hi!...can i use this for a banner for this site: [link] ?
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Glad you like it :)
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Thanks man! :)
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There's something so magical about this galaxy. It looks almost like a droplet hitting water and its reflection. Great job!
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nice speedy. bright and clean, looks good.
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Thanks man, I'm a newbie when it comes to brushing, turned out relatively well though :)
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Yeh man, really loving this one, deffinately hope to see more!
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Thanks man. Only wish my computer was in a condition to take on bigger projects...
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Heh. Go buy some compressed air and clean the dust out!
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I did, worked only marginally though :(

Sent it in, and apparently my whole motherboard was fried, got a new one on the warranty though :)
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