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Rarity: Call the fashion police - Wallpaper

By Tadashi--kun
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Rarity: "This is a crime against fashion!"

Not much to say about this one. I like Rarity when she gets mad. :D

Rarity Vector by :icontheflutterknight:
Font by :iconpaulw:

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Inazuma-101Hobbyist Artist
Me (Emeraldwings): i'm aggred so much XD payback those stupid Kaidou Sister!!!
PacmanPower89's avatar
PacmanPower89Professional Traditional Artist
you never take me alive

toonbat's avatar
toonbatProfessional Traditional Artist
She's a Fashist!
hotsushi-kun's avatar
I Guess that Rarity will be under arrest.
Makavcio's avatar
This wallpaper's been in my wallpaper rotation for months. Every time it pops up, it makes me genuinely smile.
Thank you for that.
Tadashi--kun's avatar
Tadashi--kunHobbyist Digital Artist
I'm happy that you like it so much. :boogie:
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Killercroc024Student Photographer
Oh shit, RUN!!!!!!!!!!
KennethSloane's avatar
KennethSloaneHobbyist General Artist
i think she better call ghost busters!
DoubleCleffTheBrony's avatar
I made a song for this and linked you! :D [link]
Tadashi--kun's avatar
Tadashi--kunHobbyist Digital Artist
Great song, I like it. :)
sjodl's avatar
Aren't you afraid the fashion police will come and beat you with their fabulous batons?
SandPerv's avatar
"Dear Princess Celestia,

I would like to punish...these...these cretins for crimes against fashion

Best Wishes,

Makavcio's avatar
This one makes me laugh every time it pops up in my wallpaper rotation.

snakefire1's avatar
snakefire1Hobbyist General Artist
...welp. thanks a lot. here they come, i can hear those sirens wailing in the distance......crap....
fireweed15's avatar
fireweed15Hobbyist Writer
I'm sorry! I didn't know! :noes:
2groovey's avatar
2grooveyHobbyist Photographer
Something tells me she has them on speed dial...
W0nderbolts's avatar
IT. IS. ON!!!!!
The-Nuclear-Pegasus's avatar
The-Nuclear-PegasusHobbyist Writer
Just tell me, Rarity, who angered you??!!
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KarRedRosesProfessional Artist
hahaha! This is great! Such a face. She cold be really saying that too. ^_^
ajshim's avatar
ajshimHobbyist Digital Artist
There's a CSI Miami reference in there somewhere.
s-word's avatar
With their fabulous batons.
andieisawesome2's avatar
andieisawesome2Student Photographer
This is awesome! one question: I s this based off of Fashion Police with Joan Rivers? Just a thought...:iconlivingdresslaplz:
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