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1720 Contouche by Tadarida 1720 Contouche by Tadarida
Luis XIV dies in 1715 and there is no court anymore. Formal, uncomfortable clothes of earlier age start to dissapear, in favour of frivolous elegance of rococo period. Women get used to "sloppiness"

The most important novelty of 1720s is a contouche (robe battante) - loose gown with the hoop skirt and a mass of pleats at the back. Antoine Watteau was so fascinated by them that he painted them so often they're called the Watteau pleats.

Contouche (or a sack gown), like manteau, was at first a morning dress, but it quickly gained populariy and started to appear on the streets. It was like going out of a house in a peignoir today.

Even though the dresses were very loose, they were still worn over stays (corsets) for support. The most popular colors are pastels and greys, but also blues and reds in every shade. Fontanges dissapear, hair is simple and close to the head, powdered white or gray. It's arranged in little lock or buns, decorated with ribbons, flowers and feathers. On the top of the head, one would wear a tiny, lace cap. This style would last, with slight modifications, until big hair of 1770s.

In England manteau continues to be worn and it evolves into robe à l'anglaise
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