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All Hollows Eve

By tadamson
This is a digital painting of one of my CoH Characters. His name is All Hollows Eve, and he is a level 50 Spines/Invulnerability Scrapper.

I have been wanting to do a picture with a pose like this for a while. It has been running through my head and I finally decided to just use this character because he seemed to fit the theme I was looking for.

Artwork Copyright (c) Travis Adamson

PhotoShop CS2 and a Wacom Intuos3 Tablet
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© 2007 - 2021 tadamson
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is it all right if I use this creature as a monster card for a yugioh fanfic as long as give you credit for it
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I saw this and was immediately like... COH's. Haha :D
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So this is why my mom never let me go trick or treating alone....LOL XD, scary ass monster man! What CoH stand for? Forgive my ignorance, lol
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Thanks. Glad you like it. CoH stands for City of Heroes. It is an online game. Lots of fun and great for inspiration when drawing.
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awesome, my highest lvl character on CoH is like.. 20, magic scrapper... urs is WAY cooler... and way more powerful lol.
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The arms are killer! great great piece here, bravo!
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Thank you. I appreciate your feedback! :D
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I can't believe I missed this! The way you portrayed various thicknesses and angles is phenomenal...especially on the shoulder spikes and bones. I'm taking notes!
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This image terrifies me! Very well done. I really like what you did with the spikes on his shoulders. They all look three dimensional!
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Very cool and creepy
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A very nice composition, and excellent at creating a mood. Great use of colour and contrast.
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