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Fav too much - Stamp

Free to use :3

Edit: :faint:
I could never have imagined it will get so many favs ironic :XD:

Due to the fact that it got over 1000 favs, I might not be able to visit your page and say thank you to each and everyone of you like I usually do..

I truly thank you all for all the support.
Thanks for viewing /faving /commenting!

© Stamp by *Tadadada
© Stamp Template' by =Fixedys
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© 2008 - 2021 Tadadada
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I lost count how much I faved fanarts XD.
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Lol I fave pretty much everything I see XD
XQuarantinedRogueX's avatar
While favoriting this xD 
RavenHeart1984's avatar
SuperMarioFan65's avatar
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So much. So very much.
FeatherFlight7's avatar
Using. I relate too much
LadyClassical's avatar
I do too. There's just so much good art!
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I am the opposite. I am on this site for over 2 years and only have 72 favourites.
Fand0ms-101's avatar
I thought I was the only one!
Askippzer's avatar
Well, it's not my fault there are too many amazing stuff out thereXD
Dawn-tje's avatar
Oh, i'm using dis.
longestdistance's avatar
Guilty as charged. Facebook Crazy Face emoji 
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ED-127 : Grabbin' a stamp!
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