Ben 10: Ken Tennyson Redesign Commission

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A while ago, I set up my first commission with artist mateusboga on a redesign of Ben 10,000, which was released back in November 2019. Soon after, I decided to set up my second commission with the same artist this time on a redesign of Ben's son, Ken Tennyson. At the time of this being submitted, mateusboga completed the redesign of Ken Tennyson a couple of days ago and here he is.

Ken Tennyson Redesign by TacticalOchoa122

Much like with the Ben 10,000 redesign commission, I'm so glad with how great this turned out to be. mateusboga did such a great job here. If anyone is interested with checking out the Ben 10,000 redesign commission that he did for me, here's the image of that. The image also acts as a link to the actual post that mateusboga submitted onto his account so if anyone wants to go to that very post, feel free to click on the Ben 10,000 redesign image below.

Ben 10,000 Redesign (Commission) by mateusboga

If anyone is interested in checking out mateusboga's other works and/or want to follow and support him, here's the links to his Twitter and Deviantart pages.


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Awesome redesigns!! Congratulations to the artist, and to you for coming up with the ideas.
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Thanks. mateusboga did such a great job with both the Ken Tennyson and Ben 10,000 redesign.