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Today was a good day for Chloe Elizabeth Price, why you might ask?

See, it had been exactly two weeks since Chloe Price had explained to her longtime best friend, and current girlfriend Max Caulfield her fetish, feederism.

Max's initial reaction had supportive, but at the same time confused. The hipster had many questions. Max had even done a bit of research on the fetish herself.

Chloe had explained that prior to Max's return to Oregon, Chloe had met a girl Named Rachel Amber, who introduced her into the world of feederism.

After multiple talks with Max, and some Chloe Price persuasion, she finally convinced Max to let her be Max's feeder. The couple agreed that one day, they would give feederism a shot.  And today was that day. It was a cloudy, warm saturday, her mother Joyce, had already went into work an hour ago. While, her step father or “Step Douche” as she liked to refer to him as, David was away on business.

Chloe had awaken 4 hours ago, had been busy ever since. After waking and baking, she had gone and retrieved the food that her and Max would be enjoying, and was now currently waiting for Max to be ready.

After fiddling with her car radio, Chloe felt a Vibration in her pocket, and quickly grabbed her phone to read a text from Max. After reading, the two began to exchange text messages.

{ MAX: Sorry about taking so long, I got caught up .}

{ CHLOE: about time hippy, 2day is a big day. }

{ MAX: Oh...yeah I almost forgot about that =/ }

{CHLOE: well I just reminded you, so get dat ass in gear }

{ CHLOE: p.s. NO EMOJIS!!!! }

Chloe smiled at herself after sending that final text message. She quickly jiggled her keys in the ignition and veered out of her driveway, and set course for Blackwell Academy.

As her rusty pickup made it's way down the street, Chloe could feel her heart swell with excitement, the past two weeks, had seemed like years to her. An image of her Max stuffed to the brim, with yummy food, entered Chloe's mind, making the Bluenette's thighs tingle with arousal.

That would be such a turn on...” She thought, biting her lips.

As her truck stopped at a red light, Chloe digged into her pocket, fishing for a cigarette, retrieving the last one, lighting it, taking a small drag, tapping on the steering wheel, and exhaling the smoke out of her side widow.

The light turns green, and Chloe veers her truck to the left, and heading down the small intersection.

After roughly two more minutes of driving, Chloe could see Blackwell, appear in the distance. Pulling up in front of the school , the punk scanned through the sea of students, but low and behold, Max was nowhere in sight.

A scowl made it's way onto Chloe's face.

Typical Max, running late...” Chloe frowned, and grabbed her cellphone, and quickly sent a slew of angry texts to her late girlfriend.

{ CHLOE: earth to super max, where u at baby? }

{ MAX: Sorry, I was talking with Kate, Omw }

{ CHLOE: u better or.... }

{ CHLOE: Chloe is comin 4 dat ass....}

{ MAX: Relax Dog the bounty hunter, I'm coming. }

{ CHLOE: damn already? we haven't even gotten started yet }

{ MAX: Real, mature Che. }

Chloe slid her cell phone back into her pocket and, sighed. This day had been weighing on her mind heavy, and it seemed as though everything had gone as planned, with exception of the main course, Max herself.

Chloe eventually decided to listen to her radio to pass the time. Popping an old CD into, her disc tray. The loud, blaring, heavy metal tune drawing some glares from onlookers. Chloe began to bob her head to sound of the bass. The punk became so entranced in her music, she didn't even notice Max sneaking up on her passenger side door. Her loud knocking, gave Chloe, a quick fright.

"Ah!!!" Chloe screamed.

That scared the fuck out me, you ass!” She said, reaching out unlocking the door, allowing Max to slide into the pickup truck. Max gave a giggle, and reaching towards the radio, turning off the volume button.

Well maybe if you didn't listen to your music so loud, you might have saw me coming.” Max says, face forming into a smile.

Whatever...Mom, I'm just glad you actually showed up today, I was beginning to think that you flaked out on me.” Chloe said, readjusting her beanie.

Max seemed hurt, by her partner's comments, she might have been nervous, but Chloe was her world, and Max would never go back on a deal, especially one with Chloe. 

 “Don't be like that Chloe, I said I'd give it try, and I'm going to.” Max rubbing the punk on the shoulder. Chloe gave a sigh, and stared deep into her girlfriend's eyes.

My bad Max...I don't mean to force my fetish shit onto you, if you don't wanna do it, you don't have-” Chloe begins, but Max cuts her off.

Relax Che, I know how you feel about this, so let's just take it one step at a time, okay?” Max explains. Chloe smiles, her love for Max was too much to be put into words. The two of them share a quick kiss, and Chloe starts up her truck, and they speed out the parking lot, as they did so Blackwell quickly becoming nothing more than a blur in the rearview mirrors.


As the pickup truck made it's way down the road, Max decided to spark up some conversation.

So, what exactly do you have planned?” She asks, turning to face Chloe. 

Chloe flicks her cigarette out of the her window before rolling it up. 

“It's a surprise dude, you'll just have to wait and see.” 

“Not exactly expiring, Chloe.” Max laments, fiddling with her seatbelt.

All your gonna to need is an empty stomach, and a clear head, okay?” Chloe said, giving Max a playful tap on the shoulder.

Just wait Max, this is gonna be hella awesome, I promise.”

If you say so, Chloe.” Max says, mind wandering as the pickup truck traveled down the tight road.

Eventually, the couple could see Chloe's house in the distance, and the truck veered into the driveway, finally coming to an halt.

And here we are, viva-la Price.” Chloe says, taking her keys out of the ignition.

Max smiles, and hops out of the car. She had always like coming to Chloe's house, it reminded her of her childhood. Chloe followed behind her, bending down to retrieve the house key from up under the welcome mat.

Uh..Chloe no one's gonna see us right?” Max questions, alluding to Chloe's parents. The bluenette smiled at Max's nervousness and scoffed.

Course not, Mom's busy at work, and step-prick is away on some stupid ass buisness trip.” Chloe says unlocking the front door.

Did you skip breakfast like I asked?” Chloe inquired, stepping into the front door of the Price-Madsen residence. Max followed suit, shutting the door behind her.

Yeah, and I've had serious hunger pangs all morning, you jerk.” Max said, setting her book bag down on the kitchen-counter. Chloe turned back and smiled.

Don't worry, you won't be hungry for long, the food is already in my room.”

Uh...How much food are we talking about, Chloe?”

...Enough, You're my feedee remember?”

That ominous statement, caused Max to begin to have second thoughts about the deal she had made earlier. She turned her attention back to Chloe, who was digging through her fridge and retrieving a large bottle full of some random soft drink.

Soda?” Max asked. 

 “Yep....Wouldn't want my Max getting thirsty now, would we?” Chloe said, motioning for them to head upstairs. Max did as she was told and made her way up the large staircase. 

Chloe quickly went into her room, and opened her door, setting down the bottle of soda down on her bed, and flopping down on her large beanbag. Max followed in behind her, looking around Chloe's graffiti covered room in amazement. Chloe approached her with a larger paper bag in her arms, gesturing for Max to help her with the heavy mass.

Max went over to her and began to unload multiple steaming, plastic containers from out of the paper bag, eyes widening as she did so. Chloe on the other hand could barely contain her excitement, quickly opening the containers, exposing their contents.

"Burgers?" Max says, voice tainted with confusion. 

"What's was wrong with Burgers?... too mainstream for you, hipster?" Chloe laments, sarcastically.

"No, of course not....I just wasn't expecting this..."

Max groans, sitting on the bed next to the slew of burgers. She had admit, they looked pretty good, and with the lack of breakfast, she was feeling rather hungry. Max stares at they burgers intently, their enticing scent eliciting a loud gurgle from her empty stomach. 

"Well, your stomach seems convinced, you nerd." Chloe says, sitting back in her beanbag, once more. Max rolls her eyes and sighs.

"Where'd you even get the money for all this, Chloe?" Max asks, grabbing a burger and placing it on her lap. 

"I stole a couple bucks out of stepshit's wallet a few night's back." Chloe says, casually lighting a joint.

Max giggles, Typical Chloe. Max's stomach grumbles again, causing her to take a bite into her burger. It tasted pretty good, albeit a little cold.  Chloe's stares at her, with lust filled eyes, and laughs. "You're so adorable, Max...this is gonna be awesome." 

Max takes another bite into her burger and swallows. "How many of these do I have to eat?"  

"All of them if you can, there's only eight in total." Chloe said, taking another drag from her joint. Upon hearing this, Max nearly chokes on a chunk of beef, before swallowing. "EIGHT BURGERS!?!?!"  She says internally.

"Che, I don't think I can do that, Heck I don't think I can finish two of these things, let alone eight..." Max says, taking another bite out of her burger, ketchup hanging down on her chin. She quickly wipes it away, much to Chloe's dismay. 

"Bullshit, you're Super Max, besides if it's gets too bad I'll just hand feed 'em to you." Chloe explains, removing her boots, and jacket.
Max sighed, finishing off her burger, swallowing audibly. She knew how much this meant to Chloe, so she was going to give it her all.
Max reached over and retrieved another hamburger, unwrapping it, and taking another bite.

"You're not hungry?" Max asks, looking over to Chloe. The bluenette looks backs, before taking a long drag from her joint. 

"Nah.....besides the food is for you SuperMax, I'll find something to chow on later." She says, leaning back in her beanbag, dumping the smoked joint into a brown ashtray. Max simply nods, and continues to eat, chewing and swallowing, like her life depended on it.  Soon though, a strange gurgling noise comes from Chloe's direction, forcing a small blush on the punk's cheeks.

"...Maybe, on second thought I'll take one..." She reaching out and taking a burger, and chewing on it.

Pretty soon the audible sounds were the sounds of Both girls chewing, and swallowing, with an occasional belch. Chloe finishes her burger first, and turns over to Max, who finishing her burger. 

"She's so fucking sexy, I can't wait to put more food into her....." Chloe thinks to herself, her mind clouded with lust. Max takes the final bite of her second burger, and tosses the plastic container on the floor. Max put her hand over her mouth to muffle a burp. 

"I'm actually getting kinda full, plus I'm already getting bloated." Max says, rubbing her belly for emphasis. Chloe, simply scoffed and tosses another burger at Max's socked feet. The hipster groaned, and picked the burger up and gave it a small bite.

"If I puke on your bed, you can only blame yourself, hehe." Max chuckles.  Chloe smiles, and playfully flips Max off.

"Don't be a baby, you only ate two of them, you'll be fine..." 

Max moans, again, she was in for a long day...


"Wowser....I think I'm gonna pop..." Max groans, forcing the last bit of her fifth burger into her gut. Chloe smiles, seeing her girlfriend so gorged with food was doing wonders for her libido. She scooted her beanbag closer to Max, giving her a simple leg rub.

"I'm hella surprised you've made it this far Max, If helps any, you look hot as hell.." Chloe says, Rubbing Max right foot, and leg. Max looks down at the blue-haired vixen and her feet. "Didn't you bring some soda?, I'm feeling pretty thirsty.."

Chloe pauses her massage, and hands, Max the large bottle. Max grabs it and opens it with relative ease, drinking a bit of it, sending a mass of carbonation into her already bloated stomach.  Max groans, and releases and a loud belch, that evolves into a coughing fit.

"Ugh..that feels a little better..." She says, wiping her face from excess soda.

Max continued to gulp down the fizzy drink, only pausing to take a short breath, or release a quiet belch. Eventually the entire liter had disappeared inside of her.

Damn..Max, that was hella hot.” Chloe said leaning back in her beanbag, biting her bottom lip in satisfaction. Max could respond with a groan, her stomach audibly sloshing with each shallow breath.

Thanks, Chlo..but I-I don't think I can go any more....I think I'm gonna explode.” She blurted out, both hands resting on her overly full midsection, which was threatening to break through the waistband of her clad jeans.

Chloe gave an exaggerated sigh, before hopping over towards her partner.

Awww, does my poor Maxi-waxi have a tummy ache?” She said, chuckling lightly taking a seat next to Max. The bloated brunette shot her a angry glare, before a violent hiccup shook her system.

I'm soooo stuffed Chloe, I feel-”

Totally, Awesome.....Right?” Chloe interrupted, smiling gleefully.

I was gonna say, like shit but...I guess that'll work.” Max retorted, leaning her back against Chloe's graffiti covered wall. She cocked an eyebrow at the large empty plastic burger containers scattered across the bedroom floor, she counted at least 5 of them.

At the thought, Max could feel the burgers and soda she had recently ingested sitting inside of her body like a rock, her stomach struggling to digest the greasy, caloric, and MSG-infused feast.

"Come on hippie, there's only two more burgers left, I know you can do it,” The punk said, holding a burger in each hand.

Max groaned “Che, I'm full.” Chloe, sighed sticking out her bottom lip, pouting indignantly.

Come on, Max pleaseee, do it for your best buddy Chloe.”

Im full Chloe.”

How about if I feed them to you then?”

Max sat and pondered the offer, Her stomach was full to the brim, but a part of her couldn't stand to see her girlfriend so discouraged. Chloe was a master of the guilt trip, and Max knew it all too well. Sighing once more, she leaned up, releasing a muffled belch as she did so.

Fuck....Fine...” Max said, She had already come this far, a few more calories wouldn't hurt, would it?

Hella yes!” Chloe squealed, quickly grabbing a burger in her hand and quickly shoved it in Max's mouth, forcing her to chew and swallow at an extreme pace. Max nearly choked, at the speed was being forced to swallow (lol.) 

"Ugh..Chloe Slow down!" Max finally yells, forcing Chloe to slow her method of feeding.

"Shit...sorry Max, I'll go a bit slower." Chloe says, gesturing for Max to open her mouth. The brunette does so and slowly chews up the final bits of hamburger.  Max swallowed more, the ball of dough, and beef sliding down her throat, into her bloated stomach.  Max groaned, she was full beyond belief, the grease from the burgers making her queasy.

There you go baby, one burger down, just one more to go.” Chloe said, rubbing the back of Max's head.

Please Chloe, I'm so...fucking... full, I-I can't, I really can't.” Max uttered, laying flat on her back in Chloe's bed.

Chloe sighed, but after taking a look at her girlfriend, who was looking miserable

she eventually gave in. She sat the last burger on her nightstand and began snuggling up to her mate.

So, feedee... yay or neigh?” Chloe inquired, wrapping an arm around Max.

Max stared at her intently, before speaking. “I-I Don't know...I feel kinda like a beached whale...” She began, hand rubbing down at her stomach.

 “but I'm also kinda into it...just a little bit though.” Max said staring up at the ceiling. Chloe smiled back, her plan had gone even better, than she had hoped.

The two of them sat in a brief silence before, the punk spoke up. Uh, hey SuperMax, you wouldn't mind if I....uh... had a quick listen, would you?”

Max scratched her head in confusion. “Uh...Listen, to...what?”

You...know...your...uh...belly...” Chloe said slowly, blush rising on her cheeks.

Max gave a nervous chuckle, compared to all of the things her and Chloe had done this evening, this final request had almost seemed tame in comparison. After leaning back on the wall once more, Max simply rolled up her Jane Doe t-shirt, exposing her full belly. It clung tightly to her waistband, providing the perfect food-baby.

Damn...even better than I thought, but who's the father?” Chloe said, snickering at her own joke. Max rolled her eyes before returning the laughter.

I believe his name was Double cheeseburger.” The hipster said chuckling with her girlfriend.

After their laughter subsided, Chloe eventually lowered her head, placing her ear right above Max's navel. Max shuttered at the sensation, feeling Chloe's cold ear on her swollen, tight stomach.

Hear anything?” Max asked.

Chloe snapped out of her trace and spoke. Yeah....tons of stuff, your belly doesn't sound very happy with you, Maxi-Pad.”

Well I usually don't eat six cheeseburgers in one sitting sooooo...”

It kinda sounds like somebody taking' a mean ass bong rip.” Chloe said.

Only Chloe Price would compare the sounds of digestion to bong hits.” Max said, Rubbing her Punk's head.

420 Blaze it, baby.” 

After about roughly seven minutes of listening to Max's organs, Chloe lifted her head up and stared deep into Max's eyes.

"Thanks for allowing me to do this with you Max, you're hella amazing..." She says, giving Max a rub on head. Max smiled back and leaned for a kiss., The two of them embraced, like had never done before, arms wrapped around another, legs becoming tangled. Finally after what had seemed like an eternity, they finally, let each other go. Max sighed, catching her breath.

"Hey Chloe..." She begins.

"Yeah, Max"

"We should do this more often..."


"Hella, yes..." 



Couldn't find any LIS WG Fics, so  I decided to write one.  LOL.


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