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Astral v 1.1

v 1.1
  • Release

  • Fixed minor problems

Visual Style

  • x86 and x64 system files included

  • Aero and Basic fully skinned

  • 96 dpi only

Three explorer styles

  • Astral is the default theme with an address bar and details pane

  • Astral Small is a theme with an address bar but without a folderband

  • Astral Minimal is a theme without an address bar and folderband for people who like a minimalistic explorer look

Two Shell32.dll included

  • Details pane bottom or default position

  • Detail pane on the top

Make sure you know which one you want to use before you install the Shell32.dll files.


This is my first ever Visual Style. I wanted a dark but not overly dark theme. This theme has three different shellstyles for the explorer style of your taste. I want to thank ~mx-steel for allowing me to use his wallpaper for my theme. I also want to thank =neiio because I used his x86 files as I use a 64-bit operating system. I also peeked at his GAIA09 theme to learn how to skin and manipulate some images in Windows 7. I hope everyone enjoys the theme.

Sorry my preview isn't very impressive. I only spent about 2 hours putting it together. If someone wants to make a better one I'd appreciate it lol.

This took me roughly 3-4 weeks to fully complete this theme. As I noted up top this is a v 1.0 as I know there are bound to be some problems with the theme. So if you spot problems with the theme please let me know. Also please tell me how you got the problem so I can hunt it down easier. I went over everything I could but there is bound to be stuff I missed when I tried to find bugs. Thanks.

I am NOT responsible for any problems you receive for a botched install or the misuse of these files. Install at your own risk.

Special thanks to:
:iconmx-steel: :iconneiio:
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this is an art, i liked it

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It's a beautiful theme thank you for this :D

But I have a problem..:S  I think it has been posted before too, but my problem is that when I have finished to install the theme, I don't have this one with aero but with an old version of windows XP   :/
Why ?..
Thank you if you know something about that :) 
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how to download this 

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plz someone tell me how can install this theme
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Thanks, this theme is amazing.

I saw this theme available for download at: [link]

I'm not sure if you already know or not but you said to tell you so, that's what I did.

I immediately came to DA to download this theme because it happens to be the ONLY place I trust....

I've been searching for like a year for something like this, and you have come through and made it for us. :3
Your work is truly amazing...
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yollo this theme isnt woking,plz do help me with it develloper
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How to get this to work in basic. Theme files included are only aero. Am I missing something ?
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can you make this in Blue color please? :(
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hi. great theme. thanks! but i can not get "Astral" to work. no problems with "minimal" and "small" version, but the third one just sets the wallpaper. nothing else.
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Hmm that's interesting. So the 2 styles work but not the main Astral? Your windows is patched to allow themes correct?
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Correct. The main Astral does nothing else than setting a wallpaper.

Sure. My system is proper patched. Otherwise I could not use unsigned themes. ;) I've installed lots of themes and no probs with them.

I made an reboot, switched to Aero Basic and afterwards to main Astral. No effect. Just the wallpaper changed. Switching to small or minimal works just fine.
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I just re-upped Astral. I don't know why but no one complained about it. I think the .theme files were messed up (Windows update?). I haven't used my own Astral theme in some time. I stripped out all the nonsense in the .theme files and left the basics then tried all three and they should work now. Give it a shot and let me know.

Also sorry about taking so long to fix and respond.
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Yes, a bit curious :)

I rebooted the machine, switched to 7 Basic Theme and tried again, but that won't work for me.

On XP and at launch of 7, I've patched the needed files. Now I'm using UxStyle that doesn't need to patch files and runs as service. Maybe, it had rad into trouble somehow.

Well, I'm able to use it now. Works very well and looks very fine. Thanks for looking into it! :)
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cool theme. but i can't "Astral" get to work. it changes only the wallpaper. "small" und "minimal" working fine.

and yes, different color variations would be really cool
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OMG YAY! A black and purple theme! I have been searching and searching for this and I must have never found this... you make me REALLY happy!
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idk if its just me but the minimize restore and close buttons are not showing D:
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how do i make this my theme??? PLZ HELPP??
kellykwong19's avatar
how do u make this my theme?
Thineskanthan's avatar
how do u make this my theme?
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black and purple, this is what i was searching for! :boogie:
thank you so much
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Hey I downloaded this off of
and I followed all of the instructions in the text document to the T, I even had to look up a few tutorials on how to replace system files, and I got it all working, except for some reason it reverts to the old windows xp look:
I really love this theme, and I almost wouldnt mind using it this way if I didnt hate the look of windows xp so much.
Any help would be appreciated.
Will check back here regularly.
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Wow that is something. I've never had anyone have this problem. Hmm, have you enabled yourself to use themes? You need to patch Windows 7 uxtheme.dll to use custom themes. There are some custom programs on the internet to do it. Make sure to always backup.
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