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Hi! My name is Tacoma and I've been drawing furry and fantasy art for over a decade. My wife and I run a roleplay continuity set on the Isles of Nimbaterra, home to our characters. Much of my content is NSFW so please be aware of this if you plan to follow me!

Art gets me out of bed in the morning. There is nothing I love more than receiving art of my character, Tacoma. I'm always looking to commission artists with a fun or unique style. I follow a lot of artists. If you've gotten a watch by me, it's because I like your style and/or want to commission you someday!

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Programming, Tech, Leatherworking, Sleeping
Thanks for stopping by and checking out my gallery! We're just three months into 2021 but it's already been a year of big changes. Posts have been infrequent since we're moving to a new house so we've been busy with preparations. I'll have my office back so I can work in a climate controlled environment again. There's a lot to do but I'm really looking forward to it. Lunati and I have had our hands full packing and making all the necessary arrangements for moving into our new place. Our expenses are going way up, so while I'm still technically doing commissions, my prices are jacked due to those expenses and how busy I've been. At the moment, I've got four active commissions in progress and two more in queue. No slots will open for new commissions until mid-april, most likely. I'm honored that people enjoy my art so much they would still commission me at this time. Thank you all for your support, seriously. Between commissions, Patreon releases and personal projects, I've also
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Summer Break

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Cross Posted from FA. Just finished the last commission I had in my queue and I'm feeling pretty good. I haven't had a break in commissions since October 2019, despite my 'closed' commission status. I've had to work every day since then, even on my weekend (Tuesday & Wednesdays, to match my wife's days off). Many of these commissions were for friends and others were from clients paying a premium. I was unable to catch up until very recently since work kept coming in so, as a result, I've had to raise the prices listed on my site. Needless to say, I'm excited to have the next couple weeks to catch up on personal art and projects. Hope everyone is having a nice summer and gets to do some of the things they want this year, despite lockdown and other troubles. Luna and I both work from home so we're still in quarantine but we're making the most of it. We were going to Miku Expo in Orlando but it's since been postponed until April 2021. Kind of bummed about it but it
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If you stumbled onto my DeviantArt, welcome! I appreciate the faves and watches. Even though I don't have time to reply to every one, it really does mean a lot to me. <3 If you're interested in a commission, please check out my commissions page and make sure to completely read over the rules before emailing me. I post art to many different galleries, so it's all too easy for me to miss notifications here. I apologize for that, but I simply can't be everywhere at once. I'm mostly active on discord and furaffinity and those would be the two best ways to reach me. Additionally, commissions have been closed for the past few months due to he
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It's amazing to stumble upon your art again!
Welcome back, Tacoma. It is so good to see you here!
Welcome back to DA, absolutely fantastic to see you active!