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Stop.Turn around.Run

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I'm a Pegasus with Derpy running from our favorite food like in the comic strip but I'm an oc pony I don't have picture of me as a pony
Derpy : * Runing form a giant muffin* She is joined by me by running from a giant taco.
Me: What are you running from? Cause I'm being chased by a giant taco.
Derpy: I'm running from something similar to yours but it's a giant muffin!
Me: *looked backed to see a giant taco and a giant muffin* I got an idea. We're Pegasus why don't we fly up to the clouds and hide there. Cause they can't get up there.
Derpy: great idea.
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Taco-slayer this has nothing to do with you I was busy making my own story and ignore the name who made the comic strip sry. I just don't know what went wrong pun intended
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In Soviet Russia, muffin eats you.
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dragongirl582Hobbyist Writer
run derpy be fore the muffin eats YOU
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KopaLeoHobbyist Digital Artist
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gameguy199Student Writer
strike of the bigger muffin.
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lrft4sanHobbyist General Artist
Nature documentary narrator: If if senses it's child is in danger, the mother muffin will use her superior size, and strength to fend off any predators that try to eat her baby.
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AWTexHobbyist Artist
DBZ Abridged reference?
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AWTexHobbyist Artist
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Bre-Ce-CucaHobbyist General Artist
muffins atack!!
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ColonelYeoHobbyist General Artist
The tables have turned! :nuu:

Very nice work!
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ditzy's/derpy's nightmare
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aww it ok derpy ill buy u a new muffinHug 
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KyoshyuHobbyist General Artist
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YesImDeadpool General Artist
Monster muffin!! :ohnoes:
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BB-KHobbyist Writer
Oh dear, you better fly, Derpy. It's safer!
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fluffythehedgehog12Hobbyist General Artist
I hate food nightmares... >.<
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MalphLinkHobbyist Artisan Crafter
I must sabe her!
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Derpy's nightmare.
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HalflingPonyHobbyist Digital Artist
She shouldn't have eaten that pepperoni and pickles-flavored muffin before bed...
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Taco-slayerHobbyist Digital Artist
We've all been there, food nightmares >_<
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