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ED time

EDIT: I Can't believe I put EDD instead of's been a while.

Believe me, it was funnier in my head.

I said this whole thing to myself a few nights ago going to bed.

I don't know what's wrong with me....Enjoy

ED © Danny Antonucci and Cartoon Network
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MonsterMan25's right about the name, but then is Ed truly referring to Edd? ^_^;

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Yeah, I stayed up late working on this and confused the too names. Even though I meant ED. HAHA fixed it now though c:

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Uh hate to be one of those guys but "edd" is the one with the hat, thus they call him Double D

his name is Ed

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HAHA Yeah a close friend pointed that out to me yesterday. Can't believe I mixed them up. It's been a while. Thank you though, I appreciate the correction c:

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