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Ai Sawachika Char. Sheet updated

An updated verison of

Not sure I will do this to the other characters...yet, at least.

This took days to make. Not all together but working on it here and there. I know its not perfect but it works.


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Ai Sawachika © :icontaco-bandit:
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Oh my gosh, she looks so cute with glasses. La la la la 

The uniform design update looks good, and the logo is a surprisingly addition. 

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Right?! It just came to me during this. I wonder how cute she would look with glasses -///-

Thanks! Yeah the logo was a last minute thing towards the end. I just got done playing Persona 5 and was looking the lore and see logos for their uniforms. I notice somewhat of a trend when looking at Japanese school uniform that I wanna to give it a try.
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Well, I think it’s a great addition to her reference sheet — makes me think we are seeing another side of her. 

That’s true. It seems to be a somewhat trend, especially with private schools. But, it works for DLR. 
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Well now I just have to implement it into the comic. Drawing glasses isn't my strong suit haha

That's what I thought and I don't think I would consider DLR a private school but then again I'm still a bit ignorant when it comes to Japanese schooling.
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Keep working with it. If you need a hand, we’ll learn together.