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Just wanted to let you know I temporarily placed artworks older than 2 years (and a few more recent ones) in storage. That includes my personal favorites as well. I know it's such a pain to find a faved or group/journal-featured deviation marked as 'in storage' but please bear with me for a while as it will be temporary. It's part of my effort to clean up my gallery and keep content consistent. A lot of the pics will find their way back for public viewing eventually, but others will be in storage for good. Sometimes, we just have to move on, right?

On a more serious note, my sympathies goes to the victims of the Boston Marathon bombing, and their families. I hope who ever is or are responsible for the deed will eventually be brought to justice.

Meantime, stay strong, America!

Previous journal 4/16/13:

Taclobanon-Plus ('mature' gallery)This is with regard the recent survey on separating adult content from my main gallery. Thanks for those who responded, especially those who left comments. They're a big help!
So I've decided to maintain a separate gallery for the adult contents and keep this one as my main account featuring traditional superhero/fantasy and sci-fi-themed pieces:
It's actually a 2-year old account which I haven't had the opportunity to put into good use til today. It's quiet there for now, but I have an inkling it'll change soon! I have already uploaded a few pics and future mature content will go there directly. So basically those will be deviations that require me to click 'mature content' during submission, as well as bondage and other fetish content. My judgment call on the latter, as some pics with those elements might still find its way here, especially if they're subservient to the actual storytelling.
I will eventually move a lot of the mature stuff from here to there, but
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