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By Taclobanon
UPDATE January 8, 2014: Already past midnight. Actually, almost 4 AM in my timezone. Couldn't sleep or do any more work so I thought I'd do another round of uploads. Still working on a few more sketches and have also resumed work on the pending color pics so expect another update in the next few days. I also still have a bunch of color pics from way back to upload, but I'll reserve those for the next round as well.

By the way, I will be ending the $12 sketch sale soon. I will probably take in just one more batch or orders, then it's back to normal prices. Thanks again, my friends, for the support! 

If you have questions about commissions or are interested in getting one (details below), please e-mail me at jetamago@gmail.com. DA note is fine, too, but I check my e-mail more often than I do my notes so you'll get a quicker response there.

Meantime, good day, everyone!

UPDATE Dec. 28, 2013: First off, a belated Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays and advanced Happy New Year to all!  Been busy with work and other stuff offline so I haven't been able to log into DA since my last update. Sorry for not being able to reply to the comments and notes in a timely manner. Most of my recent online activities were restricted to e-mail and checking out news about my hometown. Seems school will be resuming this January, so that means my family and I will be moving back to Tacloban around the 2nd week so the kids can resume their studies, and so that I can effect repairs and restore my place back to how it was pre-Haiyan. I'm happy to be going back after 2 months (the longest I've ever been away from home!), but at the same time, a tiny bit apprehensive as my city is still healing and a lot of the infrastructure and economic centers are not back in place yet. Hopefully, though, power in our village will have been restored by then. In fact I also hear that the city proper has already been re-powered so I'm optimistic it won't be long for our turn to come. In any case, progress in general seems to be moving smoothly and, thanks to my people's resiliency and to the unselfish assistance from all corners of the world, my city's future is no longer looking as bleak as it did immediately after the storm. Thanks as well to those who extended their support to me specifically. You are all cool people. I really appreciate it. :)

Now, time for some gallery updates! I wasn't able to upload everything during my last session so I'm going to continue bombarding you guys some more pics today. I'll also be uploading some of the black-and-white sketches afterwards. I'll also be going through the comments and notes later on. My apologies in advance, as I might not be able to reply to individual comments, but rest assured, every one's appreciated! I'll also be sure to get to you if you have queries and stuff.

About commissions, my $12 sketches are still open so if you're interested, e-mail me at jetamago@gmail.com. E-mail is good as I check it more often than I do my notes in DA. I will not be re-opening my standard commissions yet, though I will be resuming work on the pending ones starting this week. Right now I'm working on the remaining black and white sketches.  Again, thanks for the help extended me, I'm using a computer again! Not connected to the internet, but at least I can draw on it heh.

Update 2 : Upload was taking long so I skipped the rest of the standard color pics and went straight to uploading some of the black and white sketches so they can serve as samples. Here are a few specific pics.

Immolatasia Throne by Taclobanon   Bardik in Leather Armor by Taclobanon  Sandata by Taclobanon  Romulos and Remus defeats Ryan by Taclobanon

You can also find other samples here:

PS: I know I originally said $12 for single characters only, but if you want to have more characters in a pic, it's okay. Each additional character would be $7, though max would be 4 characters in a single pic (but no police line-up type arrangement, please, ;)). Again, please contact me via jetamago@gmail.com for commission request or inquiry. My Paypal is also jetamago@gmail.com. 

Happy Holidays!


Original Post, around Nov. 23, 2013:

Glad to be finally back to DA after months of absence! Got a lot of stuff that I did while I was away that needs uploading. But, first:

I just went through days of hell!  Almost 2 weeks ago, Tacloban City, my hometown, was decimated by Haiyan.

Most of my people were left with no food, water, shelter and future. There was no power and no communication with the outside world. Government aid, if there was any attempt at it at all at that time, failed to reach us. We were left to tend to ourselves.

Three desperate days later I decided to get out of the city with my wife and 3 kids. Food and water were getting scarcer and the fact that inmates from the local prisons had escaped during the calamity and were running loose wasn't helping warm the spirits. There were also reports of rebels coming down from the mountains, and no police was in sight. There was no other choice. We walked more than 10 kilometers to the airport in the rain, abandoning our home, dragging only the essentials with us. There were dead bodies in the sidewalks, and the places we passed stank of decay, but somehow they were less of a concern to us than simply surviving and getting out of the city.

We spent almost 3 days in the airport (also practically flattened by the storm but still operable) but there were more people there than there were planes to carry everyone. We slept on wet floor on one occasion. We were starving and  dehydrated. I, myself, was weak, and I swear I thought I was close to dying. Fortunately, I stumbled into some kind souls who helped us out along the way and we made it. We didn't get that plane ride out of the city like we intended, but we did eventually manage to hitch a ride on a navy ship to a larger city west of us, Cebu.

That was the short of it. What my family and I went through, and the stories shared between friends and relatives, I can probably write a good-sized book about it. But right now it's time to think of another type of survival: economic.

I am glad the whole family made it, and I wish my story ends there, but the reality is that we now we have to start life anew and from scratch.

Right now, I need to raise funds for a new computer and to help defray expenses while away from home. The computer I will use to draw commissions.That's the only livelihood option I have left for now. In some way, I finally got my wish, I guess. :)

I am therefore offering B/W sketches (sample below) for $12 each for the time being.

I hope to resume the regular commissions as soon as I've raised enough money to invest on an entry-level PC. I managed, at least, to bring my Wacom with me so I got that covered. And the commissions I had been working on, as well as the finished pics, I was able to save on my tablet so it's just a matter of resuming work on them. So if anyone's willing to help out, please send me an email to jetamago@gmail.com with the visual references and descriptions. I can only do single characters at the moment as I still have to get used to drawing with actual pencils and ink again. I can accept payment through paypal at jetamago@gmail.com as well.

Thank you and more power to you guys.


PS:  In the next hour, I will be unloading some of the pics from my tablet and upload them to my gallery. Please excuse the mass submission.

PSS: Thanks to fellow artists John Becaro and Josh Paraiso for sending help my way and helping me get things started. And thanks, John, for keeping eye on my gallery while I was away!

PSSS (or however it's done): I've been reading the comments, and it warms my heart seeing the concern you've shown for me. Thank you, everyone!
© 2013 - 2021 Taclobanon
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shadowyzman's avatar
Can I get one? :)
DarkElixir's avatar
Good to hear you're doing okay and you feel things are returning to normality. I suspect the kids miss there friends. They will certainly have some stories to tell each other.

And that's some really nice character art. I feel a few comments are needed!
Kervala's avatar

Thanks a lot for keeping us updated with news my friend :hug:

And that's very cool for additional characters in you B&W sketches, they are so amazing ! :love:

Reldin-pq's avatar
Really glad things are going well again, man. 
Shuma-Gorath's avatar
They all look good my friend... I hope thigns go smoothly for you once you and family get back home. Mother nature is tough.. but she is tough to make us stronger.
SunGryphon's avatar
Glad to see you posting again! Going to check my budget and see if I can help :)
CrimsonVlkyrie's avatar
Glad to hear from you again, I may have to take advantage of the $12 commissions some more...hehe :)
ProphetX's avatar
Glad to hear everything is ok! When I get paid I may have to take you up on that offer :)
Robenix's avatar
I will update on your update! Glad to hear that things are looking up!

Still interested in possibly getting one of them sketches, though I think I have another "project" in the works, first.
Taclobanon's avatar
Heh thanks! I appreciate it. And feel free to drop me an email anytime. :)
Jack-Inqu13's avatar
Hmm, whenever I try to email you, it says that the email address provided isn't recognized...
Taclobanon's avatar
Seems to work. Could you try again? Anyway, if it's still having problems, please try taclobanon@hotmail.com. Thanks!
Jack-Inqu13's avatar
Figured out the problem: I had accidentally included a period at the end of the com.  Thanks.
Taclobanon's avatar
Taclobanon's avatar
That's weird. Seems okay at my end. Let me try e-mailing to it with another temp account.
NewPlanComics's avatar
Hey Jet, if you are still taking commissions I'd like to get 4. I was assisting some of the ships and Marines that went down to help out. Most of the support came from the commands I work with.  I'm glad to hear you are doing okay. I'm so sorry you had to live through all that, but I'm happy to hear you and your family made it.
Taclobanon's avatar
Wow, that's cool to hear! Before i left Tacloban, seeing the soldiers filled us with hope because it was a sign the world saw our plight and were sending in help. It was difficult at that time, you know, as there were no TV and communications  so we had no news from the outside world. We didn't know what would happen to us then. But, yeah, I'm happy we made it and things seems to be going back to normal now. :)

By the way, about the commissions, if you're still up to it, you may send the info to my email at jetamago@gmail.com.  Thanks!
NewPlanComics's avatar
Cool. Sent you an email, Jet.
argocomics's avatar
Glad you and your family made it through and I'll e-mail a sketch request.
BizDaGhost's avatar
I'd be more than willing.... if you still have room.
should I message you, or email, or what?

Taclobanon's avatar
Sorry for the late reply. If you're still up to doing the commission, or if you have more inquiries, you may contact me at jetamago@gmail.com. Thanks!
BizDaGhost's avatar
clearly we neither of us are on top of things. Yes, I am still interested, though given the time from then until now, you are probably busy.
Still, I'll send something along to your email... maybe not right away, but down the pipe we can work something out....
Endorell-Taelos's avatar
So sorry for what has happened. :( Glad you and your family made it through.

I am happy to donate some money, if you are willing.  No need to draw a commission for me :heart: 
Arcalian's avatar
PAypal or points, and would you prefer a note? or email?  OCs only?  Or heroes we're already fans of?
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