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By Taclobanon
Good day, everyone.

I’m sorry I’ve been away.  My last log-in I think was around 2013-2014. The reasons for my absence, unfortunately are deeply personal, and the embarrassing details of it I would rather not share at this time and I’m hoping we can just leave it at that.

I really did not plan on coming back to DeviantArt until I a few more matters settled first, but I owe a number of people some already-paid-for-art that are years overdue, and I think this is a good for me time to re-engage with them and see if it’s not too late patch things up.

I would have liked to say that I will be happy to refund commissioners for the money already paid, but, sadly, because of my present financial circumstances, I am unable to. Instead, please accept my offer to work on those pics instead and therefore help me make it right with everyone. Because I am presently struggling to make ends meet, however, I cannot afford to devote 100% of my time to the artworks all the time, so I would ask for further patience to give me time to finish up everything in my list.

Speaking of which, I do still have the list, which also includes the type of commissions requested, but I no longer have the specific contact info of the individual commissioners. I also can’t access my old e-mail anymore because it had been dormant for a really long time so all the message threads are probably as good as lost.  It took me some time in fact to search my files for information on my DeviantArt password so I could log in back here again.

If I may, I would like to request everyone I owe art to get in touch with me via my new e-mail, which is taclobanon@yahoo.com.  I still have most of the information about the commission and I think I also still have some finished art that have not been submitted yet, but I am also open to working on art based on revised information. I know some of those art are for specific stories or circumstances and if you think they’re already outdated and the resultant art would no longer be of use—as I assume would be the case for most of them—I’ll be happy to hear out what you have in mind.

Here are the commissioners that appear on my list: Shuma-Gorath, Devduck01, Kervala, Kley Sheddan, Jason4012, Exeter42, DragonTea, Egmccann, Gavin Riches, GPSBassist, Maguigan, Matthew Bigham, Matthew Steibling, MegatronResurected, Michael Holloway, Stryker, Wayne Thomason, Dynakor, Solari, Pumpmonger and Lordfoot-in-Mouth. If you are not in the list, please let me know, I might have inadvertently left you out. If I no longer owe you art, please let me know as well. (Edit: list updated based on new information)

I am actually looking forward to hearing from you and though I probably not be able to tackle everything in a short period, I am hoping to finally get everything done and make good with everyone. Besides, the least I can do is to spend a good deal of time with the art so I can deliver something you will be happy with. If I don’t hear from you, though, I will try my best to contact you, though that would probably be over DA since I no longer have a single e-mail address on my existing record.

Lastly and most importantly, please accept my deepest apologies for the inconvenience and for putting you through the fear that I might have run away with your money and not hear from me ever again. I also understand if some or even all of you are pissed at me but please rest assured that had I any choice I would never have disappeared unceremoniously. If you’re curious, though, I am okay given the circumstances, but it will really mean a lot to me if you will all give me a chance to work on all owed artworks so that I can finally erase any debt I have. After I’m done, I’ll probably be gone for some time again, but at least I can do that with clear conscience this time.

Thanks for your time and, for the commissioners, I hope to hear from you soon.


Edit: Found the finished but unsubmitted/un-posted pics. There are a few, but I also saw some submitted but un-posted pics. I will be uploading them shortly.
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Do you happen to remember a piece you did of Gillian Anderson/Agent Scully? Similar timing to the Scarlett Johansson and Sigourney Weaver ones...
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Wow, it's been awhile since I checked back here but I'm glad I did. We were all really worried! Sounds like things are still hard but I'm happy you're on the road to recovery. I'll echo the points made by many others. Just take your time, do what you need to so that you're okay and we'll be here when you're ready to come back. You don't need to apologize for anything. :)

I'll have a dig through my emails and figure out what commissions we agreed upon. My OC has grown a little since we last spoke. Looking forward to working with you once more!
Welcome back. You were missed. If you need help, reach out.
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Glad you're okay!
Holy crap!!!!

I'm just happy you are ALIVE... I thought something terrible happened to you!
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Thank you. Still alive and happy to be back.
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I don't even know when I've added you to my watchlist, but your gallery is amazing, so I'm happy to see more art from another great artist.
Best wishes!
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Thanks so much. :)
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Welcome back! Glad to hear (well, read) na kahit papano medyo umayos na things dyan. Balik ka na din sa FB :D
Taclobanon's avatar
Oi, matagal ka ring ngawala sa DA if tama ang pagkaalala ko. Salamat. Check ko pa ang FB kung ma recover ko pa ang password. :)
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Haha di naman din kasi talaga ako nagbalik. Padaan daan lang. Nabalitaan ko lang sa FB Lapis Ko To group ang pagbabalik mo. :D Kung di mo na marecover password mo sa FB, gawa ka na lang ng bago account tas add mo kami. :)
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Ah may FB Lapis Ko to Group pala dati non? Naklimutan ko na yon a. Sige mag join ako don.
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Nice to know you're back! Taclobanon! We miss you a lot. Virtual hug to you my friend. We all understand. <3
Taclobanon's avatar
Josh!!! Hugs din pabalik. :D
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It is so good to see you back, alive and kicking, our friend. :)
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Salamat, John. :D
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I wouldn't worry too much about people being upset over this, a situation like this isn't something that normally comes up and obviously if you're having personal issues/life-altering events the simple fact of the matter is that those take priority over artwork.  Like others have said, just glad to hear you're doing alright since it's always worrisome when someone suddenly falls of the face of the earth.  Rational people understand when terrible things happen, don't fret it and focus on your health and getting yourself on track :)

Ill contact you about the commission sometime over the next couple days.  Would it be okay if I sent you a note over DA as I lost my email a ways back as well (I got it back but everything in it was completely gone) including any/all of the communication over the commission.  Given that its been a while i'll probably change what it is.
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Thank you. Like I said in my reply to your profile comment, I really appreciate your support and understanding. :)  I will look forward to seing that info. Note would be fine. :)
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Cool.  Also I just wanted to check as I don't remember this from before, are you willing to draw OC characters?  I've had a few drawn from artists recently and I was just curious.
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Yes, sure! I think most of the drawings I have here are OCs if I remember correctly.
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I think I am going to echo a little bit of what has been said before. Regardless of the mistakes as you call them or the things that happened, I am just happy to know that you are doing well.

Just in case you don't stick around after finishing this batch of commissions I just want to tell you that you are a really talented artist that I admire a ton. You definitely left a mark in my mind with your unique drawing style =).

Without going to sappy, all I want to say that you are welcomed with a very warm hug and I am personally glad that you are back even if I dont get to commission you again =)
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Thank you so much, Iorel. I appreciate the support and your kind words. They mean a lot to me.
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Welcome back, sir artist.
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Thank you, sir. Much appreciated.
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