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Solari and Neti

By Taclobanon
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Another old commissioned piece from 2013 for Solari (the client). As with the previous Solari pic, I no longer have the background info for this so I'm kinda curious as to who this Neti guy is.
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This is really cool
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Superb :love: Looks like there are a lof of different alien species in this universe :love:
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Thanks. These are Star Wars characters, so yeah, there are probably thousands, though the droid/cyborg character is pretty unique. The plant guy, though, likely belongs to one of the many alien species in the SW universe, specifically a plant species the name of which I have forgotten.
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Ah ok, thanks :hug:

That's true there are so many species in SW (expanded) universe :love:
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If you're interested, the other character is a species called a 'Shard' (they are sentient crystals, effectively) . The actual character is the crystal in the chest of the droid and the droid is just the 'vehicle' the character uses to get around in the world.

Jet, once again, you were a pleasure to work with and your skills are amazing!
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Thanks a lot :hug: I didn't know this species :( I learnt more details on them on :
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Thank you. I think my reply to this comment got lost somehow, but I did mention that the crystal being pulled out of him makes sense now, with his smoking chest and all. The shard, though, I totally forgot about that being a species itself. Cool concept.

By the way, I believe I also still owe you two B & W sketches. If you want the details I can send it to you via note or email.
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Neti is the actual species name
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Oh. Thanks for that info. Now I'm curious as to the character's actual name.
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