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Yori by tackytuesday Yori by tackytuesday
Info: Is known to be a clueless idiot and not paying attention in class. Tomoko, Momo, Hikari,Hikkamori,Miharu's best friend.
Name: Yori
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Type of Dere: None.
Club: Gaming
Crush: None
Class-Room: 2-1
Elective Subject Class: Chemistry
Who is your oc Replacing?: None
Arrives at School. (7:00)

Goes to locker. (7:12)

Gossips,Games,Walks around,Hangs out,Goes to rooftop. (7:14 - 8:00)

Goes to Class (8:15 - 1:00)

Goes To Rooftop/Goes To Lunch Area (1:00 - 1:41)

Goes to Class (1:45 - 3:30)

Goes to locker/Goes To Club (3:30 - 4:40)

Leaves School (4:45)
-If she/he sees you with a weapon 
She doesn't notice you.
-If she/he sees blood
She mistakes it as ketchup from an Omelet.
-If she/he sees someone laughing maniacally 
She will laugh too asuming that you laughing at something funny.
-If she/he sees bloody clothes
"Wow.. I never knew people here were a fan of Omelet..."
-if she/he sees a bucket of blood
"I don't like the ketchup part of omelet!!"
-If she/he sees you taking panty shots 
She will not notice, unless she's in a bad mood.
-If she/he sees you with blood on your clothes 
"How did you get omelette on your stockings?!?!"
-If she/he sees you dragging a dead body 
She will do an evil pose and snatch the body from you and throw it off the roof.
-If she/he see's you visibly insane 
"You look cool!!!"
-If she/he see's a dead body 
She will play with it like a doll.
-If she/he sees someone dump a bucket of water on someone
-If she/he sees someone dump a bucket of blood on someone
"Noo! Not ketchup!!"
-If she/he has a bucket of water thrown on him/her
"Water!! So fun!!!"
-If she/he Has a bucket of blood thrown on him/her
She will scream. "HELP ME! SOMEONE THREW KETCHUP ON ME!" She will run around the school screaming soaked in blood.
-If she/he sees someone naked.
"Oh hii!!!"
-if she/he gets walked in on naked
"Do you want to take a bath together?"
-If she/he sees bloody foot-prints
She will be disgusted and run out of the school.
-If she/he sees a bloody weapon
She will ignore it.
-If she/he sees someone intruding 
-If someone tries to take a picture of him/her
-If she/he sees dismembered body parts
"Wow... We are cannibals now.."
-If she/he is given Food
"Free Food? Thank you!!!"
-If she/he sees a bloody mop
She would not react.

-How will she/he react if someone tells him/her gossip?
"Wow!!! That's amazing!"
-How will she/he react if someone gossips about him/her? 
-How will she/he react if her/his reputation is -50
"Why does reputation matter? I don't like people anyway.."


-If you accept
-If you decline
She will go into every classroom and flip the desks.
-If you don't have it yet
She will scream and run to the locker room and take off her uniform and wear her gym clothes and then throw her sailor uniform in the trash and laugh like a maniac.
-If you give it to her/him
She will hug you.
Reward: Her ripped and torn sailor uniform.
Strength: 0
Seduction Stat: 0
Persona: Loner/Evil
School Stats: 
Biology: 4
Chemistry: 5
Language: 0
Physical Education: 0
Psychology: 0
Hair Color: Light Brown
Eye Color: Light Brown
Hair Style: Her hairstyle is supposed to look similar to Yamada from "Yamada's first time" but she will share the same hairstyle as Midori Gurin if you have edited the JSON file and will have orange hair in game since her hair color is not in game.
Skin Tone: Light
Species: Human
Bust Size: 0
Personalty: Yori does not focus in school. Which causes her to fail her classes. The only thing she's good with is technology. She usually hacks servers of games and other personal stuff. Her biggest fear is boys.

She has a very bad view of them. Which is why she has a very bad reputation. She has two friends, Tomoko and Momo. She often has fights over stupid things with Tomoko, but has a VERY VERY close relationship with Momo.

She is often alone since, Momo is a first year and Tomoko is in class 2-2. Yori dislikes teachers because of how strict they are. She often talks back to them and resorts to violence which causes her to get sent to the counselor's office.

Yori is a very helpful person. She gives you hints about rivals, If you have a good reputation, if you have a bad reputation then you have to find her a manga and she will help you with rivals.

When she witnesses a murder she will not react. Instead she will clean up all the blood. If it takes place on the roof, then she will throw the body off the roof and say, "Worthless.." and go back to hanging out on the roof.

If you try to take a panty shot, she will never notice. Unless she's upset with something.

Yori is often very rude to others.

Likes: Food, Yakisoba Bread (NOT DONE YET)
Dislikes: Ketchup, (NOT DONE YET.)
Backstory: Yori's parents are divorced and Yori lives with her brother and his girlfriend. They all live in Buraza Town together.
PrincessReviewer Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Good Job! I will add her to the group
tackytuesday Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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