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Momo Kawasaki by tackytuesday Momo Kawasaki by tackytuesday
Info: Is rumored to have a crush on Yori.
Name: Kawasaki Momo
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Type of Dere: Deredere
Club: Art Club
Crush: None
Class-Room: 1-2
Elective Subject Class: Biology 
Who is your oc Replacing?: None
Arrives at School. (7:00)

Goes to locker. (7:03)

Gossips,Games,Walks around,Hangs out,Goes to rooftop. (7:15 - 8:00)

Goes to Class (8:00 - 1:00)

Goes To Rooftop/Goes To Lunch Area (1:00 - 1:20)

Goes to Class (1:30 - 03:30)

Goes to locker/Goes To Club (3:30 - 4:45)

Leaves School (5:00)
-If she/he sees you with a weapon 
"You shouldn't.. have that."
-If she/he sees blood
Run away.
-If she/he sees someone laughing maniacally 
Run away.
-If she/he sees bloody clothes
Avoid it.
-if she/he sees a bucket of blood
Run away.
-If she/he sees you taking panty shots 
-If she/he sees you with blood on your clothes 
Run away.
-If she/he sees you dragging a dead body 
Run away.
-If she/he see's you visibly insane 
Run away.
-If she/he see's a dead body 
Run away.
-If she/he sees someone dump a bucket of water on someone
Try not to get invovled.
-If she/he sees someone dump a bucket of blood on someone
Try not to get invovled
-If she/he has a bucket of water thrown on him/her
-If she/he Has a bucket of blood thrown on him/her
Change and run out of the school.
-If she/he sees someone naked.
Walk out.
-if she/he gets walked in on naked
-If she/he sees bloody foot-prints
Run away.
-If she/he sees a bloody weapon
Run away.
-If she/he sees someone intruding 
-If someone tries to take a picture of him/her
-If she/he sees dismembered body parts
Run away.
-If she/he is given Food
-If she/he sees a bloody mop
Run away.

-How will she/he react if someone tells him/her gossip?
-How will she/he react if someone gossips about him/her? 
-How will she/he react if her/his reputation is -50

Task: Join the Art Club.

-If you accept
"Okay.. I'll take you to the leader.."
-If you decline
"Okay then.."
-If you don't have it yet
"Please decide"
-If you give it to her/him
Reward: You've joined the Art Club.
Strength: 000000000000000000000000000000000000000
Reputation: 100+
Seduction Stat: 4
Persona: Coward
School Stats:
Biology: 2
Chemistry: 2
Language: 2
Physical Education: 0
Psychology: 2
Hair Color: Short Orange
Eye Color: Green
Hair Style: TwinTails
Skin Tone: Light
Species: Human
Bust Size: 000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000
Personalty: Momo is a very nice girl and respects all her classmates and upperclassmens. When she witnesses a murder, She will run away in the storage room and lock herself in. When she thinks its over she will kick the door open and run to Tomoko's house.

Momo is often quiet and doesn't talk to people unless she needs help.

When you take panty shots, she will slap you.

Likes: Art
Dislikes: Perverts.
Backstory: Momo is part of the Kawasaki House hold.

Sparkly Eyes Sparkly Eyes Sparkly Eyes Sparkly Eyes Sparkly Eyes ALL CREDITS GO TO yandere-simulator-fanon.wikia.… FOR MAKING HER PORTRAIT!!!
PrincessReviewer Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Good Job! We will add her to the group
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