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Aoi Kuromin by tackytuesday Aoi Kuromin by tackytuesday
Info: Is one of the clingy girls of Akademi High. Formerly attended a High School in Shisuta Town.
Name: Aoi Kuromin
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Type of Dere: None
Club: Cooking
Crush: Triangle Pompadour
Class-Room: 2-1
Elective Subject Class: Physical Education
Who is your oc Replacing?: Clingy
Arrives at School. (7:00)

Goes to locker. (7:13)

Gossips,Games,Walks around,Hangs out,Goes to rooftop. (7:15 - 8:15)

Goes to Class (8:20 - 1:00)

Goes To Rooftop/Goes To Lunch Area (1:00 - 1:35)

Goes to Class (1:38 - 3:30)

Goes to locker/Goes To Club (3:40 - 4:45)

Leaves School (4:50)
-If she/he sees you with a weapon 
"Put that down or else I'll tell Triangle-kun!"
-If she/he sees blood
She will run to Triangle and cling on to him.
-If she/he sees someone laughing maniacally 
"Your scaring me.."
-If she/he sees bloody clothes
-if she/he sees a bucket of blood
She wouldn't care.
-If she/he sees you taking panty shots 
"Stop that, you pervert!"
-If she/he sees you with blood on your clothes 
"What are you doing?! Clean yourself up!"
-If she/he sees you dragging a dead body 
She will run to Triangle and cling on to him.
-If she/he see's you visibly insane 
She will run away from you.
-If she/he see's a dead body 
She will run to Triangle and cling on to him.
-If she/he sees someone dump a bucket of water on someone
She could care less.
-If she/he sees someone dump a bucket of blood on someone
She could care less.
-If she/he has a bucket of water thrown on him/her
-If she/he Has a bucket of blood thrown on him/her
"Kyaaa!!! Who's blood is this!?!?"
-If she/he sees someone naked.
"I'm sorry!"
-if she/he gets walked in on naked
"GET OUT!!!!"
-If she/he sees bloody foot-prints
She will clean them up.
-If she/he sees a bloody weapon
She will throw it off the roof.
-If she/he sees someone intruding 
She wouldn't pay attention.
-If someone tries to take a picture of him/her
She will do a cute pose.
-If she/he sees dismembered body parts
She will be creeped out and sit in a corner for the rest of the day.
-If she/he is given Food
"Oh thank you!!!"
-If she/he sees a bloody mop
"It's nice to know someone is cleaning up the school."

-How will she/he react if someone tells him/her gossip?
-How will she/he react if someone gossips about him/her? 
She wouldn't care.
-How will she/he react if her/his reputation is -50
She would be happy because she could befriend Triangle.

Task: Finding a ribbon.

-If you accept
-If you decline
She will sigh. "Triangle-kun wont like me anymore!" 
-If you don't have it yet
She will keep waiting.
-If you give it to her/him
"Thank you!!!" She will squeeze you.
Reward: SD card.
Strength: 3
Reputation: 90+
Seduction Stat: 4
Persona: Clingy
School Stats:
Biology: 2
Chemistry: 3
Language: 1
Physical Education: 3
Psychology: 1
Hair Color: Orange
Eye Color: Orange
Hair Style: If in game her hairstyle would be Midori Gurin's.
Skin Tone: Light
Species: Human
Bust Size: 1.1
Personalty: Aoi is very clingy to Triangle and often annoys him. Aoi is very nice but is not considered "Onee-chan" She can also be very violent if the female delinquents go near Triangle. She does not have alot of friends but her reputation is high because of how respectful she is to everyone.
Likes: Food, Festivals and Kimonos. (Not done.)
Dislikes: (Undecided.)
Backstory: Aoi is originally from Shisuta Town and moved because of how much she hated her previous school. She knows that her father is deceased and lives with her Aunt while her mother is working full time.
PrincessReviewer Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Good Job! I will add her to the group
tackytuesday Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks ^_^
PrincessReviewer Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
No Problemo!~
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