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Akira Akiyama by tackytuesday Akira Akiyama by tackytuesday
Info: Is known to be very quiet unlike her sister Aya. Secretly has a crush on Haru Tamaki.
Name: Akira Akiyama
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Type of Dere: Kuudere
Club: None
Crush: Haru Tamaki
Class-Room: 1-2
Elective Subject Class: Biology
Who is your oc Replacing?: None..
Arrives at School. (7:00)

Goes to locker. (7:09)

Gossips,Games,Walks around,Hangs out,Goes to rooftop. (7:13 - 8:00)

Goes to Class (8:15 - 1:00)

Goes To Rooftop/Goes To Lunch Area (1:00 - 1:19)

Goes to Class (1:22 - 3:30)

Goes to locker/Goes To Club (3:30 - 3:35)

Leaves School (3:40)
-If she/he sees you with a weapon 
Does not react
-If she/he sees blood
-If she/he sees someone laughing maniacally 
"Your're being to noisy.. I'm try to read..."
-If she/he sees bloody clothes
Ignores it completely
-if she/he sees a bucket of blood
She is most likely to trip over it.
-If she/he sees you taking panty shots 
-If she/he sees you with blood on your clothes 
Ignores you.
-If she/he sees you dragging a dead body 
Ignores you
-If she/he see's you visibly insane 
Ignores you.
-If she/he see's a dead body 
She will swing it around.
-If she/he sees someone dump a bucket of water on someone
Ignores it.
-If she/he sees someone dump a bucket of blood on someone
Ignores it.
-If she/he has a bucket of water thrown on him/her
-If she/he Has a bucket of blood thrown on him/her
-If she/he sees someone naked.
She will walk out as if nothing happened.
-if she/he gets walked in on naked
She wont see you.
-If she/he sees bloody foot-prints
She ignores it.
-If she/he sees a bloody weapon
She ignores it.
-If she/he sees someone intruding 
-If someone tries to take a picture of him/her
"No please.."
-If she/he sees dismembered body parts
She ignores it.
-If she/he is given Food
"Thank you."
-If she/he sees a bloody mop
Ignores it.

-How will she/he react if someone tells him/her gossip?
Doesn't believe them.

-How will she/he react if someone gossips about him/her? 
Wont care.
-How will she/he react if her/his reputation is -50
Wont care. Her reputation doesn't matter to her.

Task: Find homework.

-If you accept
"Thank you.. Hope you find it.
-If you decline
"Why did I even ask.."
-If you don't have it yet
"Please hurry..
-If you give it to her/him
Reward: A novel.
Strength: 3
Reputation:  Fair
Seduction Stat: 0
Persona: Kuudere
School Stats:
Biology: 3
Chemistry: 3
Language: 4
Physical Education: 1
Psychology: 1
Hair Color: Purple or Magenta.
Eye Color: Purple or Magenta
Hair Style: Ponytail to the right.
Skin Tone: Pale
Species: Human
Bust Size: 0
Personalty: She is quite stubborn according to Aya.
Dislikes: (UNDECIDED)
Backstory: Aya and Akira were both born in Tokoyo. Their parents faked their death so they can get away from an insane killer leaving the 2 girls alone.
PrincessReviewer Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Good Job! I will add her to the group
tackytuesday Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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