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furry dragon

My Arcie character transformed into one of those furry dragons - because we all love 'em.
Sorry for being such a lazy bum and not doing a BG. And my colorations seem to get sloppier and sloppier. I know I can do better.
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It looks so awesome, love the design, the anatomy and details!
PandoraBox17's avatar
Looks too much like an Arcanine, imo.
Tacimur's avatar
That was the idea :)
hermafrodite's avatar
This I love. I always think dragons are cat-like. I sometimes feel almost like this creature. You brought it to life. Excellent!! Bravo!!
Tacimur's avatar
Wow, thanks! Cat-like dragons... Saphira, Saphira aaaaand Saphira, that's what comes to my mind. ;D
tabbytiger12's avatar
It reminds me greatly of the pokemon arcanine. The striped fur. The fluff and the blue eyes. All beautiful.
Tacimur's avatar
Yup, used to be a huge Arcanine nut. ^^
tabbytiger12's avatar
Its beautiful and majestic -w-
ArchangelVampire's avatar
This is one of the coolest dragons I've ever seen
Silver-WillowWing's avatar
This is so beautiful! I really love this! <3
EmotionGirly's avatar
I don't like the background, the colours don't fit =/ - but you already told you were to lazy for a 'good' one :D

The dragon itselves is great ... the tiger fur is amazing <3
Tacimur's avatar
Yes, I had a phase where I put really ugly clashing backgrounds on everything. x.x Thank you for the comment! ^^
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lol, I saw this coming xD
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Wow, that's excellent. I love your work. :D

I actually had a request similar to SoluxWolf-Chan's:
I was designing a species for a story I'm writing (or may never write, depending on how lazy I am) and was thinking of something similar to this (but with wings, among other things). Would it be all right if I used this for inspiration?

In the end, it should be pretty different from this idea, but I thought I'd just ask anyway, for good measure. :)
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