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a billy-bumbler?

By Tacimur
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Now that I'm reading Stephen King's Dark Tower Saga I had to try and draw a billy bumbler the way I imagine them (more or less). This isn't supposed to be Oy but a random bumbler. I'm still not sure about the tail... o.o"
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Of all the drawings I have seen, this one mostly resembles what I imagine a billy bumbler looks like. I imagine the fur a little darker, more like a badger,(maybe they would have different shades, like many 'real' animals do) but this one is GREAT!! The tail is perfect. Thank you!!
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Fantastic rendition! This is pretty close to how I picture them, as well. :)
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Hey, glad to hear that! ^^ Thank you!
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It's very much like the picture in one of the books where it shows Oy with Jake! Amazing!
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it looks like a raccoon to me...you are a great drawer of raccoons, however. you should try again at oy and use your imagination. i look forward to seeing what you come up with.

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I'm probably not going back to Dark Tower fan art. Can't even read up on references at the moment since the books are all packed away...
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IDK about the markings (because they seem a little too raccoonish), or about the eyes because they seem a bit too small (King makes them sound like they must be huge eyes), but this is far and away the best looking Billy-bumbler I've seen anyone draw! :la: It's almost exactly what I imagined them to look like!!! And I LOVE the tail!!! King mentions that it's fluffy, long, and corkscrewed afterall, so I think you've done brilliantly! You even managed to give it the long (extendable) neck without making the whole thing look awkward (my attempts always turn out ungodly awkward when I try to do the extendable neck) I just love it!
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Hehe thanks so much! ^^ When I did this there were not many bumbler pics around. So if you ever come across one (or create one) you feel is closer to your imagination, please show me, I'm curious.
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Ok, but I doubt I will :D Yours is awesome :D
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definitely just how i imagined it, 'cept i dont have the skills to put that imagination into a picture the way you do :)
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I've read the entire series, it is freakin awesome. This is pretty much how I imagined them too. :D
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Oh my gosh!! This is so good. Have you read the last Dark Tower book? Because there is a very good picture of Oy in there, and this billy-bumbler looks a lot like it! Also there is a picture of a billy-bumbler in one of the comic suppliments. And I also had trouble picturing billy-bumblers, Oy or not. So cute!
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Ah, I have but it didn't have any illustrations, neither have any of the others I own... :-( I'd really like to see that!
Thank you very much!
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Knowing it a google image search would do the trick. Or, you could go here: [link] I thought that I would just look up the link for you... =/ But if you click on the artwork for the last Dark Tower book, there is a great picture of Jake and Oy.
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Aw, I that's cute. :) Though I always thought the tail was meant to be curled like a corkscrew, not like a plane spiral. ^^ Thanks for linking me to those!
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So far, I like your rendition of Oy the best! It's the closest to the picture in my head!...Great job!
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"This isn't supposed to be Oy but a random bumbler." Hehehe. Nevermind. Thank you very much!
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lovely drawing. :D I love it, that's a really good representation of billy-bumblers. and I think the tail is perfect, it's just like the description of it looking like a fur-covered bedspring. ^^
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Thank you! ^^
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I think this is the best picture I've found of a billy bumbler. I found while reading the Dark Tower series that Oy was one of the hardest things to picture. I think you captured it very well and I do liek your interpretation. I think Oy is one of my favourite characters in teh series, he's just too cute. anyway, take care.
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Nice job ^^. Billy Bumblers are cool little creatures.
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this is a very good drawing!!!
but i do believe that you've forgotten the gold rimmed eyes.

i also picture the tail to have curly fur, not be curly it's self because Stephen King also describes Eddie's hair to be "corkscrewed" because he just woke up.
so i think that the hair of the billybumbler must be messy or curly because it is also descirbed as "corkscrewed" :)

VERY good drawing still. :D
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Thank you! :) Are there any official illustrations of Bumblers, in the graphic novel perhaps? That's an interesting interpretation of the tail ';problem', it makes sense. ^^
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