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Thorin Anthro

Surprise for .
Her char... in anthro... as a paleolithic huntress or something. ^^
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I don't know How you do but still great
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Is it strange that i find her pretty?
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You're asking this a furry, so I may not be the most objective judge. xD But thank you very much!
GoodAsGold123's avatar
Haha... well then i DO think she is pretty...
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Oh me gosh o-o it's so cute!!!!! It looks like she's in Alaska. 
AstaWolf's avatar
she`s very pretty!
loving her markings!
ToxicNightmare756's avatar
Oooo this is very pretty! I really like the backround!
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reminds me of a wolf character in a game inherit the earth, quest for the orb,…
otherwise its awesome :D i can only hope to get anywhere near this level
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Thanks for the comment, and I'm glad you enjoy it. However, I'm not responsible for Thorin's character design, and I heavily doubt she lifted it from the game. It's based on a wolf, Arcanine and snow leopard. If you're talking about the stone age outfit - really, nobody is allowed to have that when there's an amazon character somewhere in a PC game? XD
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oh no its not a critique :P you should really do moer of these though, i can only think of amazons beoing the dc wonderwoman kind ;P may i ask how long this took for you? 
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wow dnd is geting shityer by the second the gnolls are all fags now :(
Shadow-Guardian0's avatar
Awesome! Love the pose and expression
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That is soo cool would u like to join my new group [link]
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Great, But i don't know why, when i first saw this picture i think it's from Skyrim ._.
Tacimur's avatar
Sorry to disappoint!
xyro05's avatar
No problem ! :) it's Nice anyway ^^
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This is amazing. I could NEVER do anything like this
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Absolutely Beautiful!!!
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