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Of Two Worlds

By Tacimur
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Yeah, it's not what I was supposed to be working on but this definitely helped me get back into drawing mood. ^^;

For our online roleplaying group. To the left, Lady Neko, an enigmatic totem spirit who accompanies - to the right - Sephot, one of the last shapechanging Kyphur cats. Sephot's fur is normally deepest black, no highlights, nothing... I took some liberties and it still looks unfinished. xD

Lady Neko's writeup © ~HowlofMemories
Sephot "Seeks with patience" belongs to Raku
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© 2010 - 2021 Tacimur
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Trying to remember what this breed was called, I want to say Bubasti. Either way great scene =3
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Das ist wunderschön geworden. Besonders die Katze (Lady Neko?) mit den violetten Augen gefällt mir sehr :)
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Danke! Aber an dem Tag, an dem es mir gelingt, eine Bubasti so zu zeichnen, wie ichs mir vorstelle, mach ich trotzdem nen Sekt auf. x.x
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Amazing background, and the cats look so graceful!
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Thanks a lot! ^^
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you did an awesome job!
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What's the group? :)
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It's all in German, sadly, but it's a World of Darkness shapeshifters game set in Africa, and it has its forum here: [link]
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:) Squee, thanks.
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You're welcome!

How do you put so much detail in your work?
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I, er, paint it. xD I guess that's it. I just sit on my butt and paint. Someone cleverer than I would use more brushes and premade textures but I never got the hang of that.
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Just curious! I don't think I'll ever be able to get that much detail in my work!

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very nice work, I love cats------ surart.................
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Oh wow, this is amazing~!
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:-D Thanks a lot!
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wish I could think of a better comment to leave, but all I can think is: "this is sooooo awesome!!!" *0*
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I really like this piece and the tech you used to color the pillar :heart:
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what a beautiful creatures they are, the cats... XD
I love that eyes, they're just like jewels! and that whiskers...
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