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-CLOSED- Sabertooth adoptables

By Tacimur
Eh, I'm procrastinating, forgive me. -.- In the meantime, have some adoptable kittehs.
I hate designing stuff, sheesh. Wonder if they'll all find a new home anyway. Spread the sabertooth love.

Rules! Rules! Rules!

* They're free! BUT:
* One per deviant!
* You must name the character and give it a gender
* And then draw it.
* Cats can be put on hold for three days to complete your pic
* You can make adjustments to the design as you see fit, give it items, etc.
* If you adopt one, it's yours from then on, use it for anything except stuff that has to do with nazism or discrimination.

1 to *Blue-Uncia
2 to =Enaxn
3 to ~fiesen3
4 to *MoonsongWolf
5 to ~SirTrips
6 to ~RattusMaximus
7 to ~fyrewhisp
8 to ~Morgue-Macabre
9 to ~animallover1992
10 to *MikuHatsuneVocal
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Jaquina's avatar
Like number 6! :D
Chocolatepoopsipoo's avatar
Will you be making more sabertooth adopts? :o
Tacimur's avatar
Probably not in a while. o.o It leads to so much chaos!
Chocolatepoopsipoo's avatar
I know how you feel XD
tenko72's avatar
Nice designs. I like 4 and 10.
Tacimur's avatar
Safyia's avatar
Bin zwar zu spät zum adoptieren,wollt aber schnell ein Kommi hierlassen (= Super Designs und toll gemalt <3 Ich liebbe diese Viehcher *lach* Vielleicht machst du ja in der nächsten zeit noch mal welche ;3
Tacimur's avatar
Säbelzähnsche! Danke dir, Safy!
Joa vielleicht, aber sich Muster auszudenken ist ne Qual. ^^;
Safyia's avatar
Kein Problem <3 Jaha, glaub ich dir. Die sind echt alle ziemlich kreativ! Aber die Mühe hat sich gelohnt. Kann man stundenlang anschauen <3
Iceir1's avatar
i missed it >.< can u do another :please:
Tacimur's avatar
I find it incredibly hard to think of designs. xD but I'll make more some time in the future.
aquahowl's avatar
could you make more free sabers??? and link me them.....?
SmileRose's avatar
Chaluny's avatar
arrrg... mist^^"
Tacimur's avatar
Mau. Das tut mir jetzt leid...
Weiß nid wär dir mit nem Lineart zum Selbstausmalen geholfen, oder soll ich einfach irgendwann mal neue machen? Oder gäbs ne Regeländerung die dir dann das Leben leichter machen würd?
Chaluny's avatar
Wow, was für angebote^^
Och nö, ich zeichne schon lieber selbst^^
Aber würde mich freuen wenn du nochmal Neue machst.. irgendwann :D
Blue-Uncia's avatar
[link] Done. ^^

Hope you like it!
Tacimur's avatar
Will you take a simple squeal of rapture as an answer? :excited:
Blue-Uncia's avatar
Yes, I will. ^^
Lady-FireKnight's avatar
If number 5 expires, may I please have it put on hold for me?
Lychnobia's avatar
ach verdammt ._. ich hätte so gerne die 1 oder die 6 gehabt.
:'( zu langsam
Blue-Uncia's avatar
Is 1 still available? I have an anthro sabre character, but I find his design a bit bland now. The markings on 1 look awesome, so I'd love to have something like that on Kaden. XD
Tacimur's avatar
I'll put it on hold for you! :)
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