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For those of you that remember, The Angry Crayon is hosting another Mafia game. A last man standing, kill your friend, lit game with murder, mayhem, intrigue, and lots of writing.

You create a character within the guidelines, wait for your 'role' (townie, mafia, Godfather, doctor, sheriff, and if we're lucky, the Serial Killer! Mafia know who other Mafia are, townies (the innocents) have no clue. Title players either put the hit on someone (godfather), Identify someone as either mafia or not mafia (Sheriff), or straight up murderize someone (Serial Killer). Everyone votes at a designated time to kill who they think is 'mafia', and then we sit and wait.

All played on The Angry Crayon, the Mafia will have a super squirrel facebook page in which to communicate. 100% secret - only the Mafia can see and no one can see the members.

If you don't play this time (and you really should), definitely keep an eye on the murderizing and accusations - hell, that's half the fun!!! See you there!
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