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Allo everyone! It's been a very long while, I know, gomen--I want to try to be more active here again by posting new art and putting up adoptables. I do wonder at times what to do with design ideas that I can't fit with my other OCs and their stories; which is why I thought it's better to have them as adoptables so they can be taken care of better =^=;;

Please do take the time to read as this is very important!

Upon requesting my service for commissions and adoptables, you agree to the following:

  • All commissions and adoptables are strictly for personal use only. Commercial use for them are not allowed.
  • All rights to the artwork and design of the commissioned work and adoptables remain to me. This includes my usage of them in my portfolio and art samples.
  • None of my artworks and designs is allowed to be copied, traced, used as base or edited in any way.
  • I reserve the right to decline my services to anyone for whatever reason.


  • I only accept PayPal. All prices are in USD. All prices are for personal use only.
  • Full resolution artwork without watermark shall be sent only when full payment has been completed.
  • For Adoptables: Once you've received my note confirming the purchase, 3 days max will be given for the full amount to be paid. If not, the adoptable will be again put up for sale. All sales are final, no returns are allowed so please be very sure when you purchase. If on payment plans, downpayments are non-refundable in case you change your mind and cancel.
  • For Commissions: Once you've received my note confirming the slot, 3 days max will be given for the downpayment or full amount to be paid. If not, your slot shall be cancelled and be up again for others. Revisions are accepted per WIP stages but anything extra shall be an additional charge on top of the initially agreed total price commission. If on payment plans, downpayments are non-refundable upon cancellation.


  • Characters and designs belong to their owners; unless I was commissioned to do the design itself, then please credit the design to me.
  • All Artwork Rights shall belong to me, you are not allowed to edit the piece in any way (except for cropping or perhaps, bg colour change) but free to use it as you please except for commercial purposes.


Trading or Gifting:

  • Is allowed for my adoptables.
  • A traded or gifted adoptable will lose its monetary value and is NOT allowed for reselling anymore.
  • If you have traded or gifted the adoptable, please also inform me of the new owner as I would like to keep track of them and have a master list.


  • Is only allowed for Set Price/Non-species adoptables. Closed Species (Djra'co & Planteas) are NOT allowed to be vouchered atm.


  • Is only allowed for the same value they were purchased.
  • If you have commissioned extra art for the adoptable(s), you are allowed to add its price to the original value when reselling. Your own personal art made for the adoptable(s), however, is NOT allowed to be added to its value for reselling.
  • You CANNOT have the buyer cover the transaction fees during reselling.
  • Please inform me of the new owner of the adoptable as I would like to keep track and have master list for them :)
  • Set Price/One-offs/Non-species adoptables are the only ones allowed to have edits. E.g. hair cut, hair style, new outfit, additional/subtraction of accessories, minimal to entire palette change, etc. However, please create a new artwork for them if you do and do not forget to credit the original design to TabrisDuCiel (me) :)
  • Closed Species (Djra'co and Planteas) are NOT allowed to be changed, most especially their species traits, except for new hair cut/style, new outfit(s), accessories. Palette changes could be possible but will need to be discussed with me first.

Thank you for reading! Please do not hesitate to ask if there is anything else that is not clear or could be missing in my terms of service.   

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