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[EVE Online]

Further discussion in jabber after the advent of Foxcat-chan mascot warranted animu girl versions of all the strategic cruisers.
Explanations for the uninitiated:

-Shin-kicking is in reference to Proteus' niche as sneaky u-boat and its use of short-range high damage blasters.
-Proteus is considered related to Legion because lolarmortanking
-Proteus hull has a twin-bowed configuration, which leads to twintails and tsundere.
-Lokis are often found in a remote buffing role
-Legion gets a metallic halo because Amarr are all religious and stuff.
-Tengu being the victim of a mugging by Icelandic thugs is a reference to the winter nerf to heavy missiles. This was written before the nerf, when people were panicking about the magnitude of the change.

-I am very aware that Legion feels like Mami
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Vicious shin kicks lmao