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Starcraft 2: Ghost vs Spectre

By Tabnir

It's been a while since I've done fanart. I usually don't do fanart because I'm not fanatical? Haha.

My friend told me I should enter this one SC2 art competition. I was resistant at first, but he used the "you could use more practice" argument on me and it was super effective!

I thought I'd test out my patience this time. Usually I slap down all my stuff in one sitting, but I took some time on this one, about 15 hours over 3 days. I think, quality-wise, this is a pretty big leap from my previous works. Now all I have to do is improve on it.

So here's a Starcraft 2 Spectre slashing at a Ghost with some sort of psi-charged kukri. SC2 is pretty damn fun, except I feel guilty when I play because the time could have been put into art. Got the best of both worlds this time, I guess!

PS4, many small studies done before painting but no direct refs.

I forgot, thanks :iconzeo-x:, :icon3xc355: and :icondasadam: for their insights and criticisms along the way.


Can't bear to look at my previous works now.


Edit: DD, wow. I'm honored; thanks everyone! Let's all keep producing and improving.


It had been my intention to use this piece to write a process/walkthrough, and here it is:

Part I: [link]
Part II: [link]
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Nazgul34's avatar
thats awesome looking 
Dark3rthanShadows's avatar
i start play starcrat 2 yesterday and i found this ghost and spectre very cool, where are they on the  game humans only have marines , besides why aren't so popular as marines? u find very few arts of them 
MarineVasily's avatar
Specter with kukri is SO true!CURSE YOU! 
I love this piece, it is great, details of the masks looks perfect.:) (Smile) 
grievousvsdarkahsoka's avatar
hell yeah, THAT IS BADASS!
AVAGAX's avatar
404MedicFound's avatar
This is awesomeness.
Amazing detail. :O
RedWingsDragon's avatar
Awesome work here
smile7z's avatar
Shadowwshade's avatar
Anyways...amazing picture O_O
Shadowwshade's avatar
I bet the Ghost is like.. "silly, don't you know I always have a backup rope?:P"
LibBear's avatar
This is amazing
Lost-One-60's avatar
The moment I saw this I had to fave it. It was just pure awesomeness and I hope the spectre wins
Those two are my favorite units in the entire game. Spectre is the coolest, though, you can feel the aura of badass radiating from them. Best Starcraft II art I've seen, too.
Guilleshin's avatar
Nice.. really nice! I would love to see more about Spectre vs Ghosts pictures! Great job!
razort300's avatar
FlamingShadowsFury's avatar
This is a really good. I wish I had the talent like this. Hell, I wish I had talent even half as good as yours.
Gamer-man-15's avatar
Snodics's avatar
I've been waiting for an artwork like this. awesome!
10 bucks says the spectre guts the ghost like a fish.Mwahaha : P Well done this awesome work. It conveys an epic almost desperate fight between these two assassins.
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