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GvS Process Part II


I do get a few requests for process/walkthroughs; normally I just paint on a single layer, or if I do use a few I constantly flatten and forget to do screencaps along the way. I ended working on GvS in all its 70-something layers of lulz to make this.

I suppose it counts as a tutorial, but I'm really not trying to teach anything. If anything, this ought to be a deterrent! I'm a clumsy painter and I'm sure none of you want to go through such a convoluted process.

As for tools: Just a brush and eraser. No filters, no smudge/blur etc.
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Damn, I thought you were done at part one! Your stuff is inspirational man HUGE props.
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Another awesome ;)
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still looks unfinished but cool in textures and angle along with details
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This is great man hanks for sharing this, it will help alot!
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This looks very amazing! The composition between those two are great! also the coloring!
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it sure is absolutely stunning!
So inspiring to see :)
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it's really nice seeing the thought process behind your work.
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Love this, glad to not only get the process images, but to get to see your thoughts as you go really makes this both inspirational and educational, even if you didn't originally mean it to be so.
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I need to keep practicing..
and get awesome.

( so far I've been sketching and gesture drawing for better anatomy. I MUST BELIEVE IN MYSELF..and that I'll be just as good or better than the next guy one day. )
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its an interesting insight nevertheless. :)
its somewhat comforting to see im not the only one messing around on one, or very few layers. i am just way too unorganized to remember what layer to paint what on. when painting, im painting, and decidedly not caring about layers. experience with well-thought out layer separations and ending up painting stuff on the wrong layers taught me that over the years.
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maybe convoluted but amazing none-the-less! Great stuff man
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