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Gods of the Storm

By Tabnir
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A Jade Falcon Ares of Vau Galaxy defending the nest. The title is just after a song X)
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CalleahanHobbyist General Artist
That mech reminds me to one Titan i saw on Forge World (Warhammer 40k)
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Chris-919Hobbyist Digital Artist
Now that is an evil looking mech. Great colours in this piece.:)
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I like this, I wish I could paint, hope to see more of this cheers
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The6SiC6Ness6Student General Artist
Awesome painting. The brushes are outstanding.
FARTYTREEFROG's avatar these 'warwalker' machines. what a dismal setting.
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Great, as your whole gallery !
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meloyoungStudent Digital Artist
You fricken genius XD
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screenscan Interface Designer
since im amazed as usual with your style
im asking myself
what program do you use and in what resolution of the image do you work?

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ChozianArtHobbyist General Artist
Freaking awesome. Like usual.
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Kudos - great 'fire' for the effect and atmosphere.
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CavalierediSpadeProfessional Digital Artist
beautiful atmosphere. Really great use of texture.
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Loone-WolfProfessional Digital Artist
Awesome! nice atmosphere too. Somehow the cockpit and the whole torso reminds me of Bushwacker from Mechcommander series, an old game way back then...
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You get love and fav as a humble reward for a lovely pic .
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RanDizeProfessional Digital Artist
Lovely colors, I think the composition will have more breathing space if the canvas have more space to the right. :thumbsup:
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ArohkthebeastHobbyist Digital Artist
I love this peice. But it seems some spots are raining lightly and most of it not at all, was that effect done on purpose?
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GeoKorf Digital Artist
sweet values bro
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Great work!
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sweet.... very very sweet.......
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awesome :
Love the light of the scene
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Archie621Student General Artist
wow...nuff said
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Soender Digital Artist
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ColourbrandHobbyist Digital Artist

Love EVERYTHING here - the flash of the guns, the flame in the distance, the splatter of rain, the mood of the piece, the worn hardware.

Feels a tribute to Aliens....

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War-Of-ArtHobbyist Digital Artist
I really like the Design, Scene and general Mood of the picture.
I wish for the new MW:O supporting something like this.

There is some critique concerning the Mech and/or it's Name.
Is it a fictional combination of the 2?
I'm having a hard time to imagine this beeing the 125-125t Ares Tripod Mech.
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