Not Everything is Roses

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Not Everything is Roses

A shining beacon in darkness
The Bayville school was all alight
And not because there was a fire
Or some destructive mutant fight

This time, the cause was a dance
For the gym had long since been fixed
And many students were dancing
And man and mutant intermixed

They stayed not with one person
But rather, danced around
They traded partners with impunity
As the music shook the ground

And there, for the first time
And quite possibly the only
The Brotherhood were all dancing
Not staying home, just lonely

Freddy was only there for the food
And gorged himself at the back
But he still looked rather dashing
In his tuxedo of pure black

Toad was trying to get a date
And while the girls found him quite odd
The bravest among them took a dare
And Tabitha danced with Todd

Wanda looked amazing
In a dress of gorgeous red
But she refused all invitations
And danced alone instead

Kitty clung to Lance
(For to that she was prone)
But Lance kept looking to Pietro
Who was standing all alone

Because despite his flawless looks
And many propositions of a dance
The Speedster stayed unpaired
And looked instead to Lance

And every time Kitty swayed
Or twirled in wild joy
Lance found himself wishing of
A dance with the other boy

But the fear of repercussions
And of what others would say
Made Lance stay with Kitty
And kept Pietro far away
My submission to :iconthebrotherhoodclub: 's Rhyme Time Contest.

Warnings: Diet slash, slight teenage angst. Not that many, really.
© 2010 - 2022 Tabitha-Kittywitch
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arger's avatar
:D tHat was such a great poem!
Good job :3
hahaha poor boys, Kitty has no idea abut Lance's true love hahaha
Leticheecopae's avatar
Very beautiful. I enjoyed it very much.
RobbXmonXlover's avatar
Wooow! This was so great done O_O I loved this poem! :D
chanceisthename's avatar
That was amazing. :love:
elemental-heiress's avatar
Wow. I really like this. It flows so nicely. Pretty and slightly sad.
Cold-Creature's avatar
Wow! That was beautifully done XD You kept the rythem going the whole way through~
I love the angst at the end, poor guys! Todd should "accidently" mess up Kitty's dress X3 *laughs*
Anyway, I really loved it!
Tabitha-Kittywitch's avatar
Haha. That, or Fred should spill the punch on her when she goes to get a snack.

And, yes, somewhat angst, but it's realism. Guys who do not want to be mocked and possibly beaten up do not leave their female date for their male friend. My need to make it "real" outweighed my inner Lietro fangirl.

Glad you liked it! I really liked yours, too.
Cold-Creature's avatar
*laughs* I could see that happening XD GO Freddy! Go!

It works well though, it does feel very real. And I think it really ads something more to it as well. It's not too obvious, and it let's the reader's imagination take it further X3

Aw, thank you :heart:
Tabitha-Kittywitch's avatar
Yay Freddy!

Thank you ^^

And I only say these things 'cause they're true.
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