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I love your soft and cute style! :+fav:

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thank u very much!

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That's so cute i love her hair!
She looks kinda cute.
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I want this hairpin. It's super cute! :>

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cat girl supremacy
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OMG SHE LOOKS FREAKING ADORABLE!!!! IM FANGIRLING XDDD If you dont mind me asking what art program do you use?

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thank u very much ! I use clip studio paint EX

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this kind of reminds me of the girl with the pearl earring.

Watch out or might abduct her. Cause i want her all to myself... yes i know im selfish. But being this cute i cant hold my fingers away. My dirty lewd hands...

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don't worry, her big brother protects her obsessively -w-

When i will fight her big brother for the rights to have her.

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it was nice to have met you.

What you mean by that?

I Will off cause win this easy. I don't take no for an answer. She will be mine one way or another. Oh I almost forgot to tell: my hands are lewd and filthy. I will do all short of illegal things to her. Well if she's under age, it will be highly illegal things.

Yeah I know it's chocking news. Many thinks that. Some calls me a monster.

But I am what I am. A dangerous man doing filfhy and sometimes highly illegal things to innocent characters/people like her.

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