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Sailor Astarte


One of the most underrated Sailor Senshi, Shiva Shingetsu aka Sailor Astarte. She doesn't even existed in the manga or anime or even the live action version of BSSM but only in the Sailormoon musical, Sera Myu.

More about her at WikiMoon [link]

(c) Naoko Takeuchi
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The One and Only Sailor Senshi of the Sun!!! "SOLOMON JIHAD!"
Hooligal's avatar
cool! finally someone draw her!
tabeck's avatar
hehee Thank you so much =)
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She looks really nice and reminds me hard on saturn ♥
tabeck's avatar
thanks! :D lol probably coz of the hair xD
Sayajin-Jackass's avatar
Yes, just because of the hair cut :)
SarahForde's avatar
Great job with her! It's really cool to see her non-myuified :D
DavisJes's avatar
nice work
yours turned out so much better than mine
will you do the other Seru Myu only senshi?
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thank you! :hug:
owh i dunno. maybe i'll draw them someday but not now.
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oh wow O_O I never knew there was such a character
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lol i dont know either until last week =_=''
my friend asked me to do some fan arts of underrated sailor senshis & im quite surprised to find this character~
AdriDaHen's avatar
Hmm that's cool though ^_^ it's shedding some light about it
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