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OCs Used: Kieran, Telsha, Anna, and Imré

1. Another character asks your character to come to a birthday or other party... in honor of a person your character doesn't particularly like.
Kieran: (poker face) I'm going to be out of town that day.
Telsha: I uh...(has a hard time saying no) sure, I'll go if you want me to. (fakes being sick the day of)
Anna: Oh! I..I think I'm busy that day, actually. I'm really sorry. (feels really bad and spends that whole day doing work so that she doesn't feel as though she lied)
Imré: (gigglesnort) Are you kidding? You know I can't stand them. So, no thanks.

2a. Your character has a big due date coming up soon and is trying to finish their project, but another character keeps coming and bothering them.
Kieran: (seething) I'm busy. Will you leave?
Telsha: Sorry, but can you come back later? It's just that I have a deadline coming up, and I really need to work. Afterwards, I'll be completely free for a while!
Anna: Ahhh I'm so sorry! I have a huge project due soon and I'm really behind. Sorry! (frantic)
Imré: Ah, I'm a bit busy right now with an important deadline. Can you come back tomorrow?

2b. Even worse: this character is not leaving.
Kieran: (raises voice) Do you not know what LEAVE means??
Telsha: Please? I reeeally need to finish this!
Anna: Pleaaaase? I'm not joking. This really needs to get done.
Imré: (sigh) I can't concentrate while you're here. I hate to kick you out, but like I said, it'd be better for you to come back tomorrow.

3. Your character comes home after a bad day to see that one of their friends or relatives made them their favorite food as a surprise.
Kieran: (awkward and flustered, but then becomes cynical) Do you have something to tell me that I won't be pleased about?
Telsha: You're the best! (bone-crushing hug) Thank you thank you thank you thank you!
Anna: (sniff) Thank you so much, I had such an awful day! I feel a lot better now.
Imré: (smiles and feels giddy) Awwww! This is exactly what I needed. If only I could come home to this every day.

4. Your character is lost in an unfamiliar city, and it looks like they'll need to ask a pedestrian for help.
Kieran: (looks for the person who seems the most helpful) Excuse me, would you be able to help me with directions? Also, where can I find the best place to eat?
Telsha: Oh no, now where am I? Hey, excuse me! (stops random pedestrian) Can you help me? I seem to have gotten a bit lost. What? You're a tourist too? Shoot. (pouts)
Anna: (tries to find her way by herself but just ends up more lost) Okay, this is definitely the wrong way. (approaches a police officer in embarrassment) Excuse me, sir, can you help me? I'm lost.
Imré: (comes up to a random person after forty minutes of stubborn wandering, but with a seemingly better eye for locals than Telsha) Hey, can you help me please?

5. Your character notices that a friend or relative of theirs is sitting on the stairs, crying.
Kieran: (inconspicuously sneaks away and doesn't actually say anything; he doesn't know how/want to deal with that kind of thing)
Telsha: (brings some sort of sweet to them and sits next to) Hey, what's wrong? You can talk to me about anything, okay? (smile)
Anna: Oh no, what's the matter?! (sits with and offers hugs)
Imré: Uh, hey, are you okay? What happened?

6. Your character wants to go do something fun, but someone reminds them that they must clean the house... before the guests come over this afternoon.
Kieran: Damn it all. Why am I having people over again? ...Oh right. (groans and starts cleaning)
Telsha: Hmm...I can just do that tomorrow and clean now. Having guests over will be fun too!
Anna: Boooo. Okaaay. (cleans)
Imré: It's not that bad! They wouldn't really care, right?

7a. Your character is walking through a public place when they notice that a creepy-looking man keeps watching them.
Kieran: (paranoid) Hey. What do you want?
Telsha: Um...are you lost or something? (kinda nervous)
Anna: (slips into a store and whispers to an employee) Hey, this creepy-lookin guy keeps following me.
Imré: Do you need something?

7b. A while later, they notice the same man watching them again.
Kieran: I thought I answered your questions already. Why are you still following me? (scowl)
Telsha: I don't know who you are, but if you keep following me, I'll have to report you.
Anna: Hey, will you leave me alone?! Please?
Imré: What do you want from me?!

8. Today is another character's birthday, and your character is about to present them with a gift. Your character then reaches into their bag/purse/pocket and discovers that the gift isn't there.
Kieran: (freezes in panic)'s not here.
Telsha: Huh? Where is it? I swear I put it i- oh no, I left on my kitchen table, I'm so sorry! I'll get it to you as soon as I can, okay?
Anna: (gasps once she find it not there) Oh my gosh I am so sorry. I have a gift for you, but I guess I forgot it. (sulk)
Imré: Uhh...I...I-I'll be right back!
So I found this writing exercise by MissLunaRose and thought it would be nice to do! The four OCs I chose have different levels of character development, so this was particularly helpful for me. This is just part 1, and perhaps I'll do part 2 sometime later.

°Kieran is polite when it suits him, but is otherwise a bitch bit rude.
°Telsha is probably the nicest person here.
°Anna is a close second, though maybe not quiiite as optimistic.
°Imré is very honest, which sometimes results in him being a bit blunt. But he's a good person.

Blank: Exercise: Your Character's Distinct Voice
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