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How can something adorable be a socipath?
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The cutest sheep ever :meow:
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WastedTimeEEHobbyist Digital Artist
I can't believe I didn't catch this one before! So cute! The sweetness is killing me.
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She's so cute and fluffy for such a species-ist tyrant! :D
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fox-mccloudHobbyist Traditional Artist
As another sympathetic to Bellwether being abused as the assistant mayor, you did perfect in portraying how adorably cute she can appear, with her innocent smile, that hides her evil intentions. And yet, one can't blame her for snapping after putting up with Lionheart and quite probably a bullied childhood from bigger predators. Unlike Judy, who learned to stand up to them, without breaking the law, Bellwether resorted to shady means to get power, and then it went to her head in attempting to kill Judy, despite having liked her previously. All she needed was someone who cared for her and made her feel appreciated. This one is writing a story of her in prison and getting therapy from a kindly fox psychiatrist, who slowly opens his heart to loving her. :)
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Disneycow82Hobbyist Filmographer
She still remains on my list as another tragic sympathetic villain like all the others I added on there, finally understanding where she is coming from and it looks like she is using a smile to hide her broken shattered feelings that she tries covering up, but proves to be more than unhealthy and dangerous. While some like Judy eventually learn to overcome what happened to them, others like Bellwether feel too angry, scared, stressed, and confused to where they are afraid of themselves and attempt in running away from who they are because of how society has labeled sheep as "easy worthless prey" which she fears may be true and thought maybe being in power as the mayor would prove them all wrong, only took the wrong methods in reaching that spot. It would soon become a decision she later regrets.
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JuliArt15Student Filmographer
awesomeee :D good job
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HyenaTigHobbyist Digital Artist
Oh, you innocent looking beast!
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AiezithaStudent General Artist
AAAA I LOVE THIS SHEEP <33 She identifies me <333
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yorkienatorHobbyist Digital Artist
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If left to her devices, she would have pushed forward a "collar" mandate, where all predators were forced to where shock collars that "reminded" them to behave whenever their pulses got above certain rate.
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FelisLupusHobbyist Traditional Artist
ProtoZootopia. xD
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KhialatHobbyist General Artist
Even if she is the villain, I can't help liking her. And her motives are, IMHO, pretty understandable. No one likes being unappreciated and constantly yelled at and pushed around.
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Disneycow82Hobbyist Filmographer
I can't seem to hate her either, I actually ended up loving her. Yet I'm starting to have a feeling that her motives were about more than just one reason other than being underestimated and underappreciated, given no credit, and being constantly yelled at and pushed around all the time in the office. I feel it was more than just Lionheart, meaning Bellwether must have endured all kinds of emotional and physical scars from other predators in her childhood and teen years for being "easy prey". Lionheart was the last straw.
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KhialatHobbyist General Artist
Maybe she was bullied by predators as a kid just like Judy was? And then, also like Judy, she grew up and moved to Zootopia/Zootropolis with high hopes, only to find herself no better off. That's my theory, anyway - it would explain where her bitterness comes from, and also why she sees Judy as a kindred spirit.
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Disneycow82Hobbyist Filmographer
Well it's a possibility as I suspect. Not everyone can handle bullying and survive it that easily like others. It can create emotional scars and rather negative issues the victims may have in their later years. And I'm not saying it should be used to justify someone's criminal actions, but by looking at most villains' background of where they are coming from, anyone can understand why they did what they did, even if she had to be stopped and arrested for her own good.
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KhialatHobbyist General Artist
Well, maybe Bellwether will be able to sort out some of her issues while in prison :)
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Disneycow82Hobbyist Filmographer
I sure hope a real professional prison psychiatrist can help her sort them out; someone who knows when someone is faking tears or not by studying their body language. But in his case, Dawn would not be faking anything.
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FoxDollSketchHobbyist Artist
Hey, is it alright if I use for an icon for my blog? I'll credit you if you let me!
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tabe103Professional Digital Artist
Oh, Sure! That's wouldn't be a problem if you include my credit! 
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Brilliant!  She looks fabulous.
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Fluffy little monster.
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Hey come on man she's not typical Disney evil, just pushed into that picture by prejudice itself. Anyway, hating her would just prove to only fuel the prejudice motive.
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