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stuid insults
Your house is so nasty, I tripped over a rat, and a cockroach stole my wallet.
Yo momma's so ugly when she gets up the sun goes down!!!
I'd like to see things from your point of view but I can't seem to get my head that far up my ass
You are a day late and a dollar short.
Any friend of yours -- is a friend of yours.
Did your parents ever ask you to run away from home?
Do you still love nature, despite what it did to you?
He is living proof that man can live without a brain!
If you spoke your mind, you'd be speechless.
If you stand close enough to him, you can hear the ocean.
If you were twice as smart, you'd still be stupid.
Is your name Maple Syrup? It should be, you sap.
Keep talking. I always yawn when I'm interested.
One more wrinkle and you'd pass for a prune.
Ordinarily people live and learn. You just live.
Whatever is eating you -- must be suffering horribly.
You are so dull, you can't even cut a fart.
You are so dumb, you stand on a chair to raise your IQ.
You are so
:icontabbyx78:tabbyx78 1 0
naruto part2
*Tj, Steven, Katy, Ashly, Katie Crystal, Brayen and Randy were in the front room talking, playing games and watching t.v having fun.*
[crystal] Thats it I'am ordering pizza while you guys like it or not got it.
[TJ] Ok.
[katy] ok sis. ^.^
[Steven] Whatever.
[Ashly] Ok. ^.^
[Brayn] Sweet. I'll help pay for half the pizza.
[Randy] I guess I'll help pay too.
[Crystal] Thanks guys. =^.^=
{Everyone} Your welcome. ^-^
Mean while in the Naruto world.
[naruto] *Shouts.* IS EVERYONE HERE!
{everyone} YES!!!!!!
[shika] Why am I here again.
[naruto] Because its a sleep over remember.
{Everyone} Oh yeah.
[Gaara]......*Looks up* Whats that?
[naruto] Huh? *looks up too* I don't know what that is.
[Sasuke] Well what ever it is. It doesn't look good.
[Lee] I agree. We all have to be careful now it could be a trap.
{Everyone} *nodds*
Mean while in our world.
[Tj] Whoa whats that on the ceiling?
{Everyone} *looks up*.
[Crystal] Look something is coming out of the hole in the ceiling. *Everyone loo
:icontabbyx78:tabbyx78 0 0
Ninja world part 1
intro part 1 Update
please don't send any hate messages because its not nice. And also this is my
first time 2 so please go easy on me ok. Thank you. Created by mittensx7765 on
Friday, November 09, 2007
[*action*] [7Chicken7] [!Steven!] [~Tj~] [:3Crystal:3] [$Everyone$]
this came to me in a dream so yeah have fun reading
[< :3Crystal:3Crystal>:3] [*Shouts really loud at the chicken*] OH NO YOU DON'T NOT THIS TIME BITCH YOUR GOING DOWN NOW YOU YOUR GOING DIE THIS TIME NOT ME OR ANYONE ELSE FOR THAT MATTER! [*looks around the room and spots the dragon cane next to feet and smirks at the chicken*]
[.Chicken.] BAAAK!
[>:3Crystal>:3] BAAAK THIS BITCH! [*Use foot to kick the dragon cane in air
and grabs it with one hand*] MUHAHAHAHAHA! NOW YOU DIE BITCH! [*Beats the chicken with the cane till it dies*].
[~Tj~] Oh man. [*Sweatdrops because of the mess in the kitchen and bedroom*]. Damm remind me never to make you mad when you have your dragon cane.
:icontabbyx78:tabbyx78 0 0

Random Favourites

Just you and me (Noiz x reader) part 4
(Noiz pov)    
As I was sitting in, what I thought to be, Aoba's room when I heard the light pattering of feet against the floor. As I listened to the person walking I heard them start to head towards where I am. Thinking it's Aoba I quickly get into place sitting on the floor with my computer on. As soon as I'm all settled the door opens and the person I previously thought to be Aoba walks in, causing me to look. Instead of the blue haired male I was expecting, I saw what looked like his female doppelgänger walk in.  
"What the hell are you doing here?!?" She yelled.
 "I could ask you th-" I was cut of be multiple rushed footsteps coming to the room I can only conclude is the Aoba look alike's.  
"(Y/n)! Don't worry, we're coming!" Aoba shouted. His shouts are followed by two sets of feet pounding up the stairs. Just as they make it to the door the window opens reviling a strange man with weight hair, a lab coat, and a gas mask.
 'What the hell?' Was
:iconwonderlandathart:WonderlandAtHart 2 2
Captivated -Ch.1- (Trafalgar Law x Reader)
The continuous ticking of the clock was complete agony, driving the chained girl insane. As her panic rose, the beating sun continued its strong rays, giving no mercy.
“If you’re gonna sell me off, better do it now.” She taunted, acid coating her words, “Don’t want the meat to spoil-”
“Wench still talking, heh?” A sweating chubby bandit viciously grabbed her (H/C) locks, forcing her attention to face up. The stench of rum and sweat was strong off his body. “I’ll shut that pretty little mouth of yours soon enough”
A tisk left her mouth. She could have dragged this on all day, just to block the actual fear rising up her stomach. (Y/N) was about to be sold and bought, like an item, and she couldn’t do anything about it. The woman could feel her heart beat through her ears while the ship rocked onward.
“I think I see a thing commin’ up-” A random voice said, instantly ignored.
“Oi, the girl stil
:iconkumoria:Kumoria 121 15
Law x Reader [Ch. 1] - The thief (One Piece)
It's my first writing :) Hope you enjoy it!
You. Are. Not. Useless. At least that’s what you try to convinced yourself. You lifted your head. Booths on each sides along the whole road. A damn long road. The wind blows your hair all around your face. Chaotic as your Life.
When your stomach began to growl, you decided to snatch something. Otherwise you starve yet. Looking around, finding an Apple-booth. Juicy red apples. Yummy. Not your first time stealing some food. And in serious times… They get enough with their filthy lies and tricks. One or two apples less… who cares. You opened your jacket and walked near the booth. So many people around, easy.
You grabbed two apples, turn around, closed your jacket and walked away. A few steps further, a disturbance behind you caught your attention. “Thief! Thief! Stop that thief!”, a man shouted. Damn, did they really see you? You turned around and someone bumped into you. “Ouch! What the-”,
:iconlchyo:LChyo 227 15
The Map pt2~ Sabo

*Collab fic I'mworking on with :iconknightannabeth: *
         You’re awoken the next morning by a stream of sunlight through your curtains that you had mistakenly left slightly open the night before. A soft sigh leaves your lips as you sit up, stretching with a small yawn, before getting out of bed. You shuffle from your room, glancing over at the map on your desk for a few seconds and finding the blue dot you had seen the night before. It wasn’t moving now. Maybe it was your tired brain playing tricks on you. You make your way into the kitchen, finding Robin already sitting at the dining room table, a cup of coffee in her hands. “Good morning.” You hum, going to pour yourself a cup of coffee and joining her at the table.
         "Morning," She greets with a smile. Nami trudges in with a heavy pout.
         "I don't wanna go to work..." She sighs sl
:iconpiratequeend:PirateQueenD 58 10
High School Hell (One Piece x Reader) Chapter 4
Chapter 4-
"Are you insane?!" Heat hissed at (Name). It seemed that everyone was both excited and stunned by (Name's) acceptance of Bonney's challenge. As such, everyone decided to skip the rest of lunch to watch. Now, here they were, heading toward the football field and bleachers.  
"She's gonna kick your ass, you know that, right?" Kid drawled in a bored manner. "Are you at least going to change before you fight her?"
"But, I don't—" (Name) was about to point out her lack of spare clothes when she felt a light tap on her shoulder.
"I believe these are your gym clothes; change quickly." Robin said as she handed (Name) her clothes.
When (Name) came back from changing, she was wearing a blue and white jogging suit and tennis shoes. Bonney on the other hand was wearing a revealing tank top, orange-and-black stripped shorts with suspenders, stockings that stop in the middle of her thigh, and black boots. (Name) blinked at her choice in clothes.
'Fight for recognition and respe
:iconpurple3panda3:Purple3Panda3 29 11
A Dragon's Heart. Astrid Hofferson X Male Reader 1
This takes place between both movies and during the animated series Race to the Edge from Netflix.
You were currently at Burk. You were helping the man that raised you ever since he found you as a baby drifting on the ocean. Gobber had you working the forge making new weapons and armour. A couple Vikings came by to grab them as soon as they were made. Then just as things were starting to settle down you felt two arms wrap their way around your waist. You turned around surprised to see your beloved girlfriend Astrid Hofferson.
“Astrid! What are you doing here I thought you were with the others at Dragon’s Edge” you said excited she looked at you and moved her hands to her hips and leaned to the side. “Well the rest of the gang’s here and I wanted to see you” she replied you then grabbed her waist and pulled her in for a delicate kiss. When the two of you broke apart for air Gobber came in whistling
“Come on boyo you can do that in your own time
:iconboopydoopy111:Boopydoopy111 76 26
Haruhi x Male!Demon!Reader 9

f/s =favorite scent
Y/n pov
*BEEP BEEP BEE-*  I grab my phone and turn the alarm off.
"Ugh"I sit up in my bed still sleepy.I look at the time on my phone saw that it was 9 am.
"Why am i wake at this time?" i said to myself still sleepy.for a few minutes i was still thinking about it then it hit me.My eyes widened and ran to the bathroom while grabbing my f/c robe.
I just finish taking a shower with using shampoo and conditioner that has f/s scent  in it and head to the bedroom to change.
After changing i look at the time' 9:40 pretty early well just might call my sister'
I took out my phone and started calling her.
It Ringed and Ringed then she answered.
" Hey Sis its me"
"Oh, Hi Big Bro how earth?"
"Well its interesting I went to the school and meet interesting people who called themselves "The Host Club"
Then i told her the
:iconcandycrusher123:candycrusher123 6 1
Mature content
Levi x Male!Reader - Sound of an Angel: Chapter 9 :icontheevilangel1997:TheEvilAngel1997 4 4
Yu-Huang and the Sun-WukongC10
It is hot...
I want water...
I want shade...
My hands are red and blistered by the sun. I now hate the colour gold. Gold sand, gold sun, and of a sunset, gold sky. green is perfect, green is cool, wet and what I consider heaven. Why, He, why did you send me to this unforgiving landscape?
My feet hurt, my body aches and all I feel is heat. My tongue sticks to the roof of my mouth, my eyes are scratchy and feel like the sand I crunch beneath my sandals. I want my mother, I want my father. Why was I left alone?
Did the Jade Emperor see this happening to me as I journey to become his Honoured Daughter? I thought I passed the tests and paid the prices, why was he believing taking my mother and father away from me, necessary?
I am not the only one that suffers, He is so low on energy that I am carrying him. Occasionally I hear a whimper or feel a twitch, but I'm so lonely...
It is night now...
I am so cold, so hungry, so thirsty...
We have nothing here to save us from starving. I am collapse
:iconnimunescastle:nimunescastle 2 5
Antagonist pt3~ Handsome's Manor

       “I think this one is most elegant on you.” Adrian hums, showing you the dress.
       “This one best suits her though.” Sylum chuckles thoughtfully, holding up another.
        “You’re a genius Sy, I love this one.” You smile taking the one he held. Adrian sighs at that.
        “Honestly, why do you bother asking me to come along if you always go with Sylum’s choice?” He grumbles. You and Sylum share a look.
         “It is pretty nice.” Sylum smiles thoughtfully.
         “You’re such a treasure.” You admire, cupping his cheek before taking the dress Adrian held. “Very well Adrian.” You hum before going to change into it. Adrian glowers at Sylum.
         “That just proves my point&
:iconpiratequeend:PirateQueenD 45 9
Trust ~ Kid x Reader pt1
         “Welcome ___,” The head guard, Killer gives you a bow. “He’s still asleep so please hurry and get dressed.” He says, as another servant hands you your uniform. You nod and go into the servant living quarters to change into your uniform.
             “This is ridiculous.” You mutter, adjusting the dagger on your thigh before easing the dress over it. Killer recruited you to be the Prince’s personal servant and secret guard. Today would be your first day servicing the prince. You walk out swiftly, meeting with Killer who then leads you to the prince’s room. “I hate you.” You whisper to Killer.  
             “He’s not that bad.” He breathes before lightly pushing you into the room. You frown, looking around the dark room before going around and opening th
:iconpiratequeend:PirateQueenD 129 10
Highschool AU (Levi X Antisocial!Reader) Prologue
You quietly drum your fingers on your desk, already bored of today's lesson.
When will this day end? You ask yourself.
Your teacher looks around the classroom, trying to decide which one of your classmates would answer his question. The question you had already forgotten. His eyes land on each and every student...except you. You let out a barely audible sigh as he chooses someone. Your lack of presence was incredible, and sometimes it amazed even you.
You don't necessarily hate it; in fact, it was quite useful. You remember one time you forgot your homework and the teacher didn't even notice it not being there. He also didn't notice you sneakily putting it on his desk the next day.
But your favourite thing about it was that you never had to participate in group projects or have to converse with anyone in your class, so you could basically do whatever you wanted to during that time, and that mostly consisted of you eavesdropping on them.
You weren't listening for gossip, you hate
:iconravioli-rivaille:ravioli-rivaille 329 71
What He Doesn't Know {Levi x Abused!Reader}
It happened often.
Everyday the cadets would line-up and salute so that Levi could check them and assign them to certain duties.
His steel eyes would roll over the cadets and he would always stop at one beautiful female. He had seen her before. She was often spotted laughing. Her eyes were normally expressing her happiness if her mouth couldn't do it for her.
But today was much different.
The shining life in her eyes were gone. She just stared at the ground instead of looking him in the eyes as she normally did when jobs were assigned.
She was confident. She was selfless. She was extremely deep-hearted, often admiring such small things that were meaningless to most.
She was also a deep thinker which confused so many people because she could understand things they couldn't. For instance, why Levi did certain actions that could harm others on the battlefield. Why some bodies couldn't return to the safety of the walls.
She understood it all and never lost confidence in her superior's orde
:iconkatsuhana:Katsuhana 748 32
My Flatmate (flatmate!Levi x Reader) Part 17
You didn't lock the door; you realise, half-opening your eyes when you hear somebody walking into the flat.
The lights in the apartment snap on and Levi walks into the living room. He's holding the coat you dropped in the hall.
You rub your—mucked up with the tears—eyes. Levi's still in his boots and grey winter coat. The snowflakes that haven't yet melted shine in his hair. He's exhausted, the dark circles under his eyes even darker than normal.
As you shake your head lightly to bring your mind back to reality, a damp strand of hair sticks to your forehead. You raise your hand to remove it. That's when you notice blood dripping from your palm. You must have cut yourself while walking through the hall on your hands and knees. How come you didn't feel it?
Slowly, you begin to remember everything that happened… yesterday? What time it is? You look to the left. Dawn must have broken some time ago as it is light behind the window. Other people are probably sleeping in the
:iconmaddie612:Maddie612 111 41
Corpse Girl pt2 ~ The Cafe

       ‘I wish those ghouls had eaten me…’ You think, as you pick yourself up from the murky puddle. Though that ordeal happened a week ago you still thought about every detail of it. However you could no longer remember the voices. A foot on your back presses you back into the puddle.
       “Now, now, you’re not done with your bath, corpse girl!” The girl taunts, as her friends giggle behind her.
        “What ugly girls…” A voice huffs and there’s a pause. You turn your head to look at the redhead, his amber eyes pierce the girls, lip curling. “Or maybe you're ghouls.”
        “Eustass…” The girl glares, “Keep walking.”
        He hums, coming over with his hands in his pockets, suddenly leaning over to be face to face. The girl flinches, stumbling
:iconpiratequeend:PirateQueenD 49 21
Black Butler X Abused!Male!Reader:LIVING HELL -(7)
       Strong Language.
     After the game of chess that Ciel and [y/n] had, not long later the whole household got busy with something which caused [y/n] to get curious. He wandered through the halls of the estate hoping he would bump into his or Ciel's servants just to ask what was going on. But to his misfortune, he didn't for a while. He sighed and headed to the main hall. But to his genuine surprise, he found a group of servants running around like chicken on fire. He just stood there dumbfolded by the scene that was taking place in front of him. He eventually snapped out of his trance and stepped forward and tried to speak up but he had no chance to as due to the occasional table platters and silverware flying in his direction. Then here came the worst part:
    "This is too much! Time to use my flame thrower!!" Yelled Bard as he took the said machine and pointed it at [y/n]'s direction.
:iconnekomariakisami-chan:NekoMariaKisami-Chan 192 69



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