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In this ink drawing, I see Aiur showing off and conveying her own majesty to the oncoming villager, as I can estimate the context. Seei...

Looking at this picture upon first glance, I really thought I was a bit swayed by the lighting effects upon the figure as well upon the...

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Idiosyncratic Wyvern Pfraeyp by tabbytomkat Idiosyncratic Wyvern Pfraeyp :icontabbytomkat:tabbytomkat 8 0 Little Kitten Bread Ball [Tribute to Oha] by tabbytomkat Little Kitten Bread Ball [Tribute to Oha] :icontabbytomkat:tabbytomkat 7 0 Ya Kolobok Kolobok by tabbytomkat Ya Kolobok Kolobok :icontabbytomkat:tabbytomkat 1 0 Full Grown Cat named WOOF? by tabbytomkat Full Grown Cat named WOOF? :icontabbytomkat:tabbytomkat 6 0 Volk Zayats Paskhi by tabbytomkat Volk Zayats Paskhi :icontabbytomkat:tabbytomkat 9 2 Tigers! A sketch set by tabbytomkat Tigers! A sketch set :icontabbytomkat:tabbytomkat 7 6 Leporine Vulpine Sprint WM by tabbytomkat Leporine Vulpine Sprint WM :icontabbytomkat:tabbytomkat 8 2 Easter Chocolate Bunny 18 by tabbytomkat Easter Chocolate Bunny 18 :icontabbytomkat:tabbytomkat 3 2 Sailor Moon Luna Bandage Sketch 1 by tabbytomkat Sailor Moon Luna Bandage Sketch 1 :icontabbytomkat:tabbytomkat 9 0 OHA SomerSault Line Tt Cdt Wm Sg GIF by tabbytomkat OHA SomerSault Line Tt Cdt Wm Sg GIF :icontabbytomkat:tabbytomkat 2 0 OHA SomerSault Color Tt Cdt Wm Sg GIF by tabbytomkat OHA SomerSault Color Tt Cdt Wm Sg GIF :icontabbytomkat:tabbytomkat 18 8 Glameowth Maiura by tabbytomkat Glameowth Maiura :icontabbytomkat:tabbytomkat 3 0 Anthro Paws Practice by tabbytomkat Anthro Paws Practice :icontabbytomkat:tabbytomkat 4 2 Bambi Family Portrait by tabbytomkat Bambi Family Portrait :icontabbytomkat:tabbytomkat 32 3 Sadness Cat by tabbytomkat Sadness Cat :icontabbytomkat:tabbytomkat 12 11 Selk Inside Out Atonement by tabbytomkat Selk Inside Out Atonement :icontabbytomkat:tabbytomkat 9 9


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Idiosyncratic Wyvern Pfraeyp
My old kooky wyvern Pfræyp (pronounced "freep"), back into the spotlight. I was afraid to being him up after the distresses I had witnessed or heard in the furry community. I basically intended him to be like the Bugs Bunny type of character, zany, mischievous, and breaking forth walls. At another time I turned him more self aware and expressing my inner emotional states. I shelved him because of my last work that almost cost me my relationship, hypothetically followed by another. Eventually I strayed away from the spotlight, brick after brick. It's still not easy to express my own style of creativity w/ increasing awareness of others' preferences and tastes before my ideas. The point of making art is to realize one's inner self, not to depend on too much talents yet undeveloped within oneself. Just Be and Appreciate Yourself First.

TIPs on relationship safety: be aware of your true capacities, and challenge them before agreeing to the challenges others offer you; ensure that they do the same kind of self-reflection; be aware of your own history and contemplate for a better way to start your mission, it may take days. In case you don't understand this, I will explain a little.

Anyway, I started a series of sketches while I was watching classic Looney Tunes, those now in public domain it seems, like Felix Salten's Bambi would already be, and wanting to make something funny, as typically I really wanted to escape the sexual nature side of the realm and revolutionize at least my own point of view of it, into something we saw as kids, whether at the Golden Age or in the 90s, with outrageous content before you switch to such as Adult Swim to see more of it, but some content and the charm still remains even in the absence of Saturday morning cartoons.

The question you should ask yourself shall not be, "what if they don't like it?", but instead, "what are you going to do about it?".

I wonder what sort of comedy or jokes I can come up with, but as usual, the kiddies show substitute names or references that link to but not disclose actual sources, only if it's funny and makes sense.

Enjoy ^^
Little Kitten Bread Ball [Tribute to Oha]
A gift piece to, showing appreciation to the talents of, with the fox Oha belonging to :iconoha:
The rest of the characters, the bear, the wolf, and the hare, I made up to respect a folk tale; I gave them locks so they won't be alone. Hehe ^^
This folk tale from Russia is about the little bread ball, kolobok, given life and scramming from the grandfolks' abode into the road through the woods where he evades the hare, the wolf, and the bare with a song, and lastly encounters a fox, about to eat the little bread ball, immune to the melodious charm and craving the smell and taste of him. Nom nom
The bread ball I offered bake-able "icing" so he looks like a kitty cat. LOL that's my garnish.
I have been just watching Russian/Soviet cartoon and listened to such of music and had learned some alphabet. The folk tale adaptations were nice ^^
Thanks for allowing me the opportunity to make such a wonderful piece.
Done in Artist'sLoft®, Golden®, and Liquitex® acrylic media onto Canson® coldpress water, penciled and gum taped into anamorphic ratio.
Ya Kolobok Kolobok
From a folk tale I read as I browse around for stories.
Da little bread ball rolls on albeit baked fresh, having run away from Grandpa, and Grandma, and Hare, and Wolf, and Bear. Oh look a fox!
Full Grown Cat named WOOF?
Was watching more Russian cartoons from the same producer. Couldn't resist this cute cartoon series (it was only 5 episodes, tho)
A Kitten Named Woof © Soyuzmultfilm/L.Atamanov/G.Oster
Still learning the language, a little bit. Hehe :-)
Was wondering how it would be for this kitten to be all grown up? So I did a take on him as such.
Volk Zayats Paskhi
Working title: Well, Hare, Just you Wait! Happy Easter's
Wolf and Hare from cartoon series Nu, Pogodi(Ну, погоди!,) © Soyuzmultfilm; A. Kuryansdsky, A. Khait, F. Kandel.
Was getting into more international taste to cartoons, including this one.
Here's the hare passing out treats, dessert with wax candles for a festive tone. A special delivery for Wolf. Is that dynamite?! You wait! Cause it's Easter.
заяц!!! (Zayats!!!)


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Phindhel Simetra
Artist | Student | Traditional Art
United States
I am a college student unsure of a perfect career meanwhile I venture on to gain enough credit to attain an Associate of Fine Arts on my dream path to the Animation field. In real-life I'll be posting my own personal artwork to my audience (for my open outdoor side, my peers from school or home, maybe my relatives and folks too). But here I will be doing some traditional arts here too, just that I won't post my personal artwork and will be going with a moniker, for when I do the following: Cartoonist, Fanart (including Disney), Personal Tutorials, Experimentals, Furry/Anthropomorphic, etc.
I'm back from the obscurity. I'm ready to make some similar arts as I had before since five years ago.



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