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So, my Christmas vacation is over and was spent well with joy, relaxation, peaceful days and very nice company!
I had great Christmas days including my good friend :iconthemrock: as a guest, puppies to visit and meeting my family again.
Also I got well into the new year, peacefully as always. :happy: 

Now, let's look back at 2018.
How was it for you? :thinking: 

To me it was a good year overall.
Not the best, not the worst, not worse than last year but maybe even slightly better.

What turned out to be good? :happy: 
- I became close friends with :iconthemrock: and I guess it was not hard to see since I talked a lot about him, wether in my journal entries or through some of my artworks. I got to help him through phases of crisis and he had great positive influences on my art and also was there for me whenever I needed help. So I got a real good new friend in 2018 even though we have had contact the years before but only through comments on DeviantArt.
- As you may have seen, I was able to do more art and not only more but I guess I was able to improve. For example: I learned SAI and have used it since to make digital drawings. And I'm back in touch with ink which is fun, too.
It is just satisfying for me to see that I finally got to pull myself together for making more art and to gain more motivation for it.
- Working was fine and didn't have such grave changes as the years before (certain important colleagues leaving, cyber attack on the company, etc.)
- I cannot really complain when it comes to my health. Physically nothing really bad happened and mentally I still go along well with therapy and the feeling of being needed.
- I got to meet friends quite often this year, wether it was a couple of weekends with my friends of the South Park fan community, my new good friend :iconthemrock:, another good friend during my summer vacation or my good pals and cabaret artists Mike & Aydin when they had the premiere of their newest stage program in Frankfurt/Main, Germany.

What was so-so? :meh: 
- I learned that my company will move and thus change its location in 2020. Which is not bad itself but I don't like what it means to me personally (a longer way to work). On the other hand, it makes me think of the future, about how to handle this problem. I haven't decided yet but my ideas might bring good changes to my future if they could work out. But let's see, it is too early to say more or predict.
- My appartment had a couple of problems which took longer times to be solved but then again it is still a good place to live.

And what was rather awful? Feeling Down 
- I'm especially worried about my father who has been suffering from physical problems, particularly constant pain in his back. This limits his abilities to a small amount and it is a shame that I can only help whenever I have my vacation at his home. So I sincerely hope upcoming doctor appointments and operations might do him good and finally help him.
- Sadly, one important member of the "Telefonziege" fan community (a YouTube Channel about phone scamming for which I also provide artworks) turned out to be a pervert who tried to trick young women with mind games into doing him sexual favours. I wasn't one of the victims but one of the people taking care of the thing and listening to the victims. It saddens me because of the people learning this side of the guy and also because until then I thought of him as a good pal and proper guy.
- I had just a few intense depression phases, one of them even happened during my birthday. Still, it was not pleasant.
- For the second time (after 2001) I decided to not go to the annual South Park fan meeting (which takes place every summer). Even though I've been meeting the same people at least one time before and after that missed event, I still feel sorry about that. However, I absolutely needed a break from people, from going somewhere.

And last but not least: What about the movies? Watching a movie 
Click here to see my personal ranking of movies that came out at the theaters in 2018 (comments included):…
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Finally, my winter vacation is there!
Ok, just one night separates me from it, then I am on my way to Bavaria, Germany again.
As always I'll spend my vacation (of two weeks) at my father's house, seeing my family and celebrating the holidays - Christmas and New Year's Eve - there.
What is special this year is that my dear friend :iconthemrock: is coming as well, as a guest! Bavarian Christmas with him? That'll be interesting :D

So I will not check out my messages here all the time. And I will do a journal again when I'm back and looking back at 2018.

|F2U| Winter Terrarium Bad Weather  See ya and have safe, relaxing and happy holidays! :merry christmas: Dark Christmas Tree v.2 
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1. To get this out of the way: Summer vacation's over Sniff . And most of the time it was really great and relaxing :)

2. I created a new folder which hopefully will get filled pretty well in the next couple of months or within a year at least: "My Original Characters":…

I just uploaded my first submission there about my original sloth characters Hermilotte and Shmuel:…

I will give my best to get more creative in the future so that I can give "life" to new characters :)

And that's it already :D
Thank you very much for your attention!
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Only one night to sleep and I'm off to my vacation to which I'm looking forward. Very!
It's gonna be 12 days long and I'm excited for the things I have planned. I will be travelling to the North of Germany where I'll just relax, enjoy the sea and meet a friend I've only known online.
Then it's off to Berlin where I'll visit :iconthemrock:.
And afterwards I'll finally see my family again in Bavaria, where I also will mainly relax and see my family members again.

That's also why there won't be any uploads done (or hardly) and why I might react to a message of yours a bit late.

See you when I am back! next wave remake

Vacation :painter: :restful: :reading: 
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I'm gonna make it clear and short:

My dear friend and great artist :iconthemrock: needs good friends on his side, some support. He has been going through a couple of crisis situations and very difficult stories in his life, some regarding his art (also his wish for making a living with his amazing skills and characters), some others regarding private issues I don't want to discuss or describe here further.

All I am gonna say is: If you know him and/or his artworks (the latter is quite likely) please reach out to him if you can.
This is what you can do at least:
  • Leave at least a comment on his profile page or on one of his artworks.
  • Read a page of his awesome "SWEFS" comic series, take a look at his "Themrog" and/or "South Styx Str. 66" artworks (all three are his original franchises).
  • Follow him here, on Twitter, on tumblr, Instagram and/or on Facebook (links below).

I apologize if this shoutout bothers you (or even bothers Themrock himself) but I am seriously worried about my dear friend that I really love and who has been in a crisis for months.
I am trying to help myself as good as I can. But I cannot support him all alone.

Do me the favor and support artists like him that absolutely deserve a chance to shine brighter in the world of art.

Heart Heart Heart Thank you Heart Heart Heart 

Now the links:
[link] (Facebook)…… (start reading his sci-fi comedy comic "The S.W.E.F.S." here)
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Well, looky here: quite a bunch of contributions for this year's "Mermay".
One contest entry, one experiment (as a sketch and as a full drawing) and two real life-related pics.

That was fun!

Post-Zoo Pencil Drawing: Four-eyed Fish by Tabascofanatikerin

Mature Content

Mermay 2018 - Anableps Merpeople Family by Tabascofanatikerin

Mermay 2018 Contest - Musicians from the Sea by Tabascofanatikerin
Mermay 2018 - Myself as a Mermaid by Tabascofanatikerin Mermay 2018 - Mother + Son (as Dolphin Merpeople) by Tabascofanatikerin
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Yeah, finally: Vacation! Relax 
Well, I need to be patient just a few days and then I can enjoy some off-time with my family in Germany.
Today I have a day off and I'm gonna be off to :iconzwerg-im-bikini: for a Godzilla movie marathon. It's gonna be fun for sure and some sort of mini-vacation before the real vacation :)

Then after that I'll be away for nearly two weeks.
That does not mean I'll be away from DeviantArt, just not quite as active.

I'm looking forward to the relaxing, my family and hopefully there will be enough warm, sunny days  -F2U- Sun Emoticon

See you!
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This is the awesome result of an Art Trade between :iconthemrock: and me.

Contribution by me:
Art Trade: Running Smirk (for Themrock) by Tabascofanatikerin
I took his sketch of his character Smirk as a reference and made an acrylic painting out of it.

Contribution by :iconthemrock: :
Art Trade Half with Tabascofanatikerin by Themrock
He took a sketch of mine (with me cosplaying as one of his other characters called Acquilara) and inked/colourized it digitally.

I am so happy with the results, especially with his picture, of course :happy: Excited Dummy 
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Update 2018/01/12: :iconzwerg-im-bikini: has told me that spreading the news really was of good use. Lots of people read of her need of support and helped her reaching the goal by donations or by offering technical support.
That is great news and if you have read this journal entry of mine and helped my friend afterwards: That is awesome, thank you!! :D

Jump right to the pages if you want to read the original information yourself and give support immediately (in case you do not want to read all the text below by me):

My good friend :iconzwerg-im-bikini: sure has NOT created the cartoon "South Park" herself but has created the website that has gotten popular worldwide and for a couple of years already.

In case you do not know what that is: You can use the online program there to create your own South Park characters, like yourself, your family, co-workers, friends or fictional characters.
:iconzwerg-im-bikini: constantly - or at least whenever she can - updates it and adds new items and features to the studio.

Now what's the problem?
I quote her herself to have the situation described:

Flash is dying. We all knew this day would come, but now we have a date. Adobe will stop supporting Flash in 2020 and Google, Microsoft, Apple and other major companies have already started to abandon it. Since the SP-Studio is coded in Flash it already works on less and less platforms, and soon it won’t work anymore on your computer as well. If I don’t change from Flash to HTML5 / JavaScript this website cannot survive the next two years. This means a huge rework, which is the reason why I haven’t already done it years ago. While simple Flash projects can be converted to HTML5 with the help of the software Adobe Animate CC, this does not work in my case. I’ll have to redo most parts from scratch. And since I have no knowledge about JavaScript it will be tough. Really tough. And very time consuming and expensive. I even might need to hire a JavaScript programmer to help me. Only your support can save this website.

Myself I have donated already a little bit.
And you?
I know that a lot of DeviantArt artists here have used this program to create something with it. I also know non-DA users using the SP-Studio.
If that's the case and you can spare a dollar/an euro or even more, why not supporting her?
If you want to, following one of the links at the top for the options of support.

Myself I'm not a frequent or very active user of the site but I still know what it's about and how it works. And I especially know the artist behind that and her efforts put into the work as well as the passion behind it. That's why I could not just sit there and do nothing. If just one of the people reading this would donate a bit, that would be awesome.
In the name of my friend :iconzwerg-im-bikini: I already give this person or these people a big Thank You for helping this popular site survive. :) :D

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What means 2017 to me?
Honestly: It was the best year to me for a long while.
So you can tell it was better than 2016 was ;)

Let's wrap up the good, the bad and the inbetween things of the year.

The good stuff:
  • Mostly I gotta tell about the couple of fantastic contacts I've made all across 2017. Some were in the flesh, some were just online but all have in common that they've influenced this year in an awesome way.
    Even my DeviantArt gallery shows that: A lot of artworks are about comedians named "Mike & Aydin", others are related to the YouTube channel "Die Telefonziege". And we are still in contact, hopefully this stays that way in 2018. :)
  • And since it was a topic in my last year's journal entry: My (new) battle against depression and anxiety (mostly fear of failure) has been going on for a little over a year now and I'd say it has been of big use so far. The new therapy and the pills do a good job in keeping me a little safer and more convinced that there are ways of living better with depression and that life is worth living. That's also a good example of my "battle's" success: My suicidal thoughts dropped noticeably. Sure, they aren't gone yet but this year's efforts really did an effect on my mental health.
    And I cannot deny that my new contacts also helped me on that level. It feels so great to be noticed and accepted by such nice people. 
    Hopefully it goes on like this so depression and fear get more kicks in their butts.
  • Also, I went to Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland for this year's summer vacation. QUITE something different if you ask me (also because it was the first flight in my life and my first visit of the "FRINGE" festival). I totally enjoyed it and would go there again.
    I also could do some small trips outside of my vacations but Edinburgh absolutely rocked.
  • As you can maybe tell: I was a bit more active when it comes to artworks. That was something I hoped for a year ago and I achieved that.
    I sort of changed some of my planning tactics that would allow me more to create stuff as I imagine (also when it comes to time windows for that). I also finally work more with my tablet.
    I'm happy that it worked. I even got to do title cards for an YouTube channel which is fun and something different.

What's somewhere between good and bad:
  • There have been some health issues in my family that made me worry a lot, especially my grandmother who fell twice in a row and went into hospital. And my older cousin became father of his first child but the baby was born with an illness I don't want to describe here furthermore. Still, my grandmother got well again and my cousin's baby is incredibly sweet and gets so much love and support from his family.
  • When it comes to work I'd say that it went better than in 2016. However, the "Petya" virus also effected my company this summer so there was a lot of damage done, to time, money and our work.
  • Far from serious like this but: I decided to pause from "Dungeons & Dragons", which is also the reason there hasn't been new drawings of my D&D character for months.
  • And lately I felt less and less like going to the cinema because I lost the motivation in going regularly into movies alone while skipping hobbies or projects I'd rather put my time in. That's why there probably won't be a proper year's ranking of movies from me in 2018.

Now to the bad stuff:
  • Even though my therapy and pills work well, I still had some trouble with depression phases throughout the year. Some mild, some rather heavy. 
  • I also hoped for at least one or two visits but there was none, also not by my mom who announced to come in Autumn but due to schedule difficulties it didn't work out for her. 
  • And my first of the three vacations of the year was quite a bummer since I spent it mostly sick. And here I mean sick like "feeling so miserable that I literally cannot do anything than suffer and hope that tomorrow will be better". And yes, I know it sounds way more harmless than "my cousin's baby was born with an illness". I get that. But we still are happy about the new family member and welcome him with all our hearts. Nobody welcomes 2 weeks of nasty headaches and colds.

Last but not least: My 2017 ranking of movies I went into...…

How has your year been? Let me know in the comments!

I wish you the best for 2018 and also a great, fun end of 2017.

Enjoying the Fireworks - NaNoEmo Day 7 :drink: v1 Fireworks 
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Dear friends,

I wish you peaceful, happy and relaxing Christmas holidays and some rest from everyday life!

Christmas avatar Comfy Happy Christmas for both hemis 

And do not worry, I will write another journal entry around New Year's Eve where I will wish you a happy new year 2018 ;) (including a look back at 2017).
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Just to clear any confusion: After 12 years and 4 months I decided to change my profile picture.
I thought about making a cartoonish self-portrait for that. But I'd do that later when the time comes and I create something that's worth as an avatar.
Until then I replace the ugly 2005 photo and instead take a more current photo (from this year, of course) because I wanted to.

Thanks! Now I'm going back to what I was doing...*sigh* NaNoEmo - Day 19 - :depressed: 
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FYI: I created a new folder in my gallery called "YouTube Stuff".
There I will upload everything I did for YouTube projects and channels (thumbnails, titlecards, banners...). It's NOT about pure fanarts about YouTube creators or videos.
The main reason for this is that I started to do artworks commissioned by YouTube's "Telefonziege".

Thank you very much for your attention! :salute: rvmp 
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I'm writing this the evening before I head back to my Swiss home from vacation. I've been spending the last 11 days in Bavaria (Germany) where my family is and before that I spent four wonderful days in Edinburgh (Scotland).
To give a short review on those days: As mentioned, wonderful! And not only did I see Edinburgh and thus Scotland for the first time but also got to see the Festival Fringe (biggest culture festival worldwide) and two...yeah, I wanna call them friends :D I met the stage duo Aydin Isik and Mike McAlpine again who were performing there and I could talk to them again, have drinks with them. Just an awesome time with awesome people. Mm Happy 
Speaking of awesome people, also I saw other shows there (pretty much selected spontaneausly) and they were all a joy to watch (and listen to whenever it was musical). 

If you are interested, these were the shows I watched at that time:

  • Mike & Aydin "North-South Divide" (2x) (Comedy/Cabaret/Music)
  • The Laughing Mirror "Guy Fawkes it up" (Comedy/Theater)
  • George Class "Scientology: The Musical" (Comedy/Music)
  • Puppet Beings Theatre "The Backyard Story" (Taiwanese puppet theater with clothes)
  • MAC Theatre "Binari - Memory of my Mother" (Korean theater/Music) well as several artists and musicians on the Royal Mile showing their skills without having own big shows

I can definitely recommend going to Edinburgh and visiting the Fringe if you love shows of all kinds and love being surprised.
Whenever possible, I want to upload at least a few good pictures of the journey. At least I've been preparing drawings for a Fringe tribute artwork :)
Oh and before I forgot: Yes, my first flights ever (to Edinburgh and back) went perfectly fine! Sign Emoji-03 (Thumbs up) 

After that, as mentioned, I went to Bavaria and did some things like seeing my family members and even visiting beautiful/interesting Bavarian spots like the Chiemsee (especially Fraueninsel) and the Obersalzberg and not far from it the area where Adolf Hitler lived. Very fascinating.

Now I'm mentally preparing for being in Switzerland and at work again. And I'm also looking forward to several stuff in the near future like seeing "David Gilmour: Live at Pompeii" in the theater next Wednesday, enjoying the upcoming Autumn, hopefully seeing some theater plays in the Cologne area this Autumn and, of course, making more art :) :bademoticon:  

That's it for now. Best regards!

P.S.: Please check out this great prize I got for winning that :icondisney-club: MerMay contest: Me as a mermaid by :iconyuett:. Isn't it cool?
->  Mermaid portrait by Yuett
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Hello everybody!

Not much to write about but like last year right before my summer vacation, I'm in the mood for writing a journal entry now, too.

First of all, I am only six days away from my summer vacation and I'm so looking forward to it. :shuffelin: 
Like last year I will take the opportunity to visit an undiscovered place before I visit my family in Germany. This time it's Edinburgh in Scotland! This means a couple of first times: First flight I will do in my life, first time I'm gonna leave the EU zone (besides Switzerland maybe), first time I'm gonna go to another time zone, first time I'm gonna visit the British you see that I'm quite a noob when it comes to travelling ;)
But I'm excited and convinced that the four days in Edinburgh will be awesome.
I've heard and seen a lot about the city and that it's obviously quite beautiful. I'll see the Fringe Festival (largest art festival worldwide, at least what I've heard) and I'm looking forward to see two familiar faces there that I have already made fanarts for a couple of times Emote - Fangirl La Derp  
I'm sure that, if I manage to take great photos there, I will upload the best ones in my gallery.


And of course I'm happy to see my family again. During my last vacation I got pretty sick and almost could do nothing, so this time I hope I can catch up more and enjoy all the days there :)

Last but not least: As you have seen, I've made quite some updates in the last weeks. My last work - as I'm writing now - is my collaboration entry for a Disney group, a painting about the Disney movie "The Jungle Book" (the original from 1967). Before that I also did something DeviantArt related (the 17th birthday challenge) and a couple of other works. And right now I'm working on smaller acrylic paintings for my living room and maybe I will even create title cards for a YouTube channel! Quite exciting. But first, I'm going to relax and enjoy the vacation, maybe doodeling and drawing some things here and there.

That was that. Greetings to all of you Nick Wilde - Icon 
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It's true: The group :icondisney-club: recently held a contest with a "Mermay" theme in which artists can create artworks about merpeople appearing in Disney media (wether it's a character from "The Little Mermaid" or some other mermaid character in another Disney universe as long as it's not made up by the artist).
And the club judges called one of my two entries their #1. And it's the quicker, obscure, funnier painting o_O
That's cool!

It's this one by the way:
Disney MerMay Contest: Parrot of that World by Tabascofanatikerin

Also there was a top 3 of "popular votes" (voted by the group members, not the founders/judges). There I was not among the best ones but I'm not sad. I can see why these three made it ;)

It was a fun contest and hopefully I can participate in a new, interesting one soon.

So, other art-relevant news?
Well, I'm working on a shirt motif for my next vacation (I'll be going to Edinburgh, exciting!) and have already other works planned.
If only I was faster or had more time for that :sweatdrop: revamp v2

P.S.: It's HOT, isn't it? Frog Emoji-50 (Hot and sweaty) [V3] 
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As I said: Check out these latest Art Trade results, especially by the other two artists: Both are artworks featuring my "Dungeons and Dragons" character Maruphis the Tiefling as I was interested in how she would look in other people's styles :)
I'm happy about these Art Trade results (and drawing my artworks for those artists was fun for me as well, of course) so I want to share them here with you in this small journal entry.

By :icongaucelm:
Maruphis by gaucelm

My submission for him (his original character Anne-Laure)
Art Trade: Anne-Laure by Gaucelm by Tabascofanatikerin


By :iconhippo2:
AT: Maruphis Johanna by hippo2

My submission for him (his original characters Amelia and David)
Art Trade: Amelia and David by Tabascofanatikerin
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Finally I got to make my gallery lighter again by getting rid off a couple of bad, mostly old stuff. A couple? I mean around 100 pictures (mostly photos). La la la la So if you happen to not find a certain one, that's the reason.

What else is going on? Not that much.
Well, always work, of course. But I'll be starting into my next big vacation in May so I can relax and see my family again. And I've been trying to keep making art as you might have noticed, hehe.

That's the little update. Bye! Fence Scene [Shaun of the Dead] 
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