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Telefonziege 'Mit der Blindenmasche um die Welt' by Tabascofanatikerin Telefonziege 'Mit der Blindenmasche um die Welt' by Tabascofanatikerin
Titlecard artwork for the YouTube channel and user "Telefonziege".

This video:…

"Telefonziege" (transl. "Telephone goat") produces videos in Germany about fraudulent callcenters (mostly from Eastern Europe or Turkey) trying to scam people on the phone. They offer to give away credit cards, lottery money, voyages or cheaper electricity tariffs (just to name a few of their schemes) but in the end they want to gain money in an illegal way.
"Telefonziege" lets different characters talk to these scammers in order to 1. hoax them and 2. inform viewers about how these (illegal) calls work.
So it's an infotainment project.

About the video/titlecard:
A callcenter agent tries to sell brooms, towels and other household items made by blind trainees over the phone. But everytime she tries is with "Telefonziege", he makes her believe that she has reached several embassies in Germany (India, France, Switzerland, Russia and Japan) which scares her off everytime resp. annoys her more and more.
The main message in the end is NOT about refusing help to disabled people in general. It is about refusing paying money to obscure and dubious people who try to manipulate you emotionally and make you feel guilty if you don't buy stuff. In the end you don't know if the money really goes to the right people. So in conclusion it is better to help locally (sheltered workshops for example) or certified organizations you know and trust if you really want to help others, like blind employees.

I hope you can overlook that the deviation title is written in German. Also, the videos are not subtitled or something, so in order to understand it all you have to understand some German at least.

Made with Adobe Illustrator and tablet.
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