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Art vs. Artist by Tabascofanatikerin Art vs. Artist by Tabascofanatikerin
I guess it was just a matter of time.

I tried to include a lot of things here: different media, fanarts and originals, colourful and b/w, funny/happy and gloomy pictures...even newer and older ones (the older ones I'm still content with, of course).

About the latter: I don't really know if this meme is about surround yourself with only recent artworks from 2018 or something...I'm too lazy to do research. In the end, I wanna surround myself with a good mixture of media, themes, know it.
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MutantPiratePrincess Featured By Owner Edited Apr 15, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Pretty cool and varied choice of artwork! ;)
I've seen this "Art vs Artist" thing around here a few times already, but I don't quite get it. Is it some kind of contest or just another meme? Is it about recent or all-time artwork? And is there a template available for it? I guess I missed something here...
Tabascofanatikerin Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2018  Hobbyist
First: Thank you :aww:

Now, about your questions:
1. As I get it, it is just a meme. And it's been around some time. I just did it because I've seen other artists still filling it out.
2. I guess it is just this theme "Look at all the great, handselected artworks of this artist and in the middle you see the artist, the person himself/herself, surrounded by his/her works".
What artworks of yours the others get to see is completely up to you. I cannot see a specific pattern when I look at other artists' versions. Myself I just decided to offer a good mix to look at. If I would just display my recent artworks, there would be a lack of variety.
3. Templates? Yes, I spontaneously found these templates down there on DA. Myself, I just used Photoshop and placed the squares myself, no premade template.
Art Vs Artist Template by KatimusPrime
Blank Art VS Artist Meme Template by MarcheDeMorce
Art vs Artist Template by Laghrian
MutantPiratePrincess Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks for the explanation and the templates! ;) Well, let's see if I feel like doing it...
Themrock Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2018  Professional Traditional Artist
No contest, just a mini-portfolio to showcase artwork and to connect with other artists.
MutantPiratePrincess Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
I see, thanks for the info. ;)
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