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Karl the French Scammer at his Working Place
A small change of this artwork:…
I took something out, added a lot of other things and changed the background.
This is suppoused to be what a callcenter work desk for a French stereotype would look like to me, so I'm aware this is jumping the shark. But hey, that was the fun.

Again, the explanation of this character:
It is an original character and yet he exists as a real person.
This dude is a visualization of a phone scammer from France.
He is one of the "main enemies" heard on this YouTube channel called "Telefonziege":…
He calls himself "Karl Dupont" on the phone (although it could also be a fake name as scammers prefer to hide behind fake names) and works for a callcenter that claims to help people with computer problems. But in reality, they scam people who don't know better and called the callcenter. And Karl, although he's French, takes over the German customers and has gotten a lot of Telefonziege's scambaiting calls.
Meanwhile he is so wellknown in the scambaiting and Telefonziege fan community that he has become some kind of "VIP" character.

I have done a bunch of pictures for the channel and its creator. And now the creator as well as the fans demanded some sort of visualization of the scammer.

So that is Karl.
The corrupt, ignorant and highly pissed-off phone scammer from France. And one of the main enemies of the Telefonziege.
And since we don't know how he looks like I gave him a mixed look between the scammers I usually design and a cliche Frenchman (it is NOT against French people in general, so please don't attack me for that, ok? ^^)

You can see my other two so-far-made Karl artworks here:……

Done with SAI and Adobe Photoshop.
The ZiB of Water
This year's birthday artwork for my good friend :iconzwerg-im-bikini:.

It is referencing to the movie "The Shape of Water", of course.
We watched this movie together during the "White Nights" event in Frankfurt/Main (back in January 2018) and we both enjoyed it quite a lot. And I thought this would be a great basis for the birthday artwork (like a few years ago with "Swiss Army Man").

Here, my friend takes the role of the Ambhibian Man and I am Elisa (played by Sally Hawkins in the movie). It is directly referencing to the scene when Elisa - who made friends with the creature - looks after him after helping him to escape the laboratory where he was held. She shows him a greeting card with the text "Glad to have you as a friend" (maybe also because she cannot tell him that herself, she is mute).

Yes, I know they start a relationship from this point but here, of course, it is just friendship ;)

Done with tablet, SAI and Adobe Photoshop.
Telefonziege 'Scambaiting' (feat. Fallout 4)
Titlecard artwork for the YouTube channel and user "Telefonziege".

This video:…

"Telefonziege" (transl. "Telephone goat") produces videos in Germany about fraudulent callcenters (mostly from Eastern Europe or Turkey) trying to scam people on the phone. They offer to give away credit cards, lottery money, voyages or cheaper electricity tariffs (just to name a few of their schemes) but in the end they want to gain money in an illegal way.
"Telefonziege" lets different characters talk to these scammers in order to 1. hoax them and 2. inform viewers about how these (illegal) calls work.
So it's an infotainment project.

About the video/titlecard:
In this Russian character Dimitri does NOT get a call but calls himself a fake Microsoft expert who you're suppoused to call whenever you get one of the fake error messages that go like "Your PC has a virus, call Microsoft for help" (and who hacks himself into your computer which I've heard is especially a "popular" scamming tactic in the USA but this "scambaiting" seems to be quite popular there, too).
So Dimitri pretends to have a real PC problem (due to watching porn everyday or other causes) and wastes about an hour of this scammer's time but is not alone this time. Sometimes other characters of his get involved like Indian goat Rakesh or gay goat Dorian. And sometimes, like in this video, I am involved as a female guest voice :)

But why the reference to the Vault-Tec salesman from the game "Fallout 4"?
Well, "Telefonziege" had the idea of using a soundboard for the first time. This soundboard contained (German) audio clips out of "Fallout 4", specifically spoken by a minor character who visits you to sell you a place in a vault for your family (in case a nuclear catastrophe will take place soon).
"Telefonziege" seems to like the game and also to see connections between this character and the annoying callcenter people trying to sell you something in a pushy way.

The text is German but the salesman just greets "Good morning! I am from Vault-Tec!". The multiple choice answers are a couple of reactions Telefonziege has received whenever the scammers reacted confused or annoyed to his calls.

Made with Adobe Illustrator and tablet.
Mermaid Statue Redraw - Santa Maria
Now this was some fun and also a bit weird. :D

As I was strolling around the Autum Fair in Basel (the biggest fair in Switzerland, originally known as "Herbstmesse" ), I was also looking at funny details like crappy paintings of famous characters on children's attractions (I don't want to be mean but seriously, sometimes they look rather creepy or funny than charming :D) and then there were things like this: This mermaid statue that was decorating a pirate ship attraction (mainly for kids). Immediately I took this photo of her as I found her design and her face..."interesting". Also because I had the idea of putting that on paper/on screen.
And I just did that.

This is the result, a digital drawing of that derpy mermaid.
Who knows what her name is but since she is sitting next to a lifebelt with "Santa Maria" written on it, I just call her that, too.
I tried to recreate her in my way but also with remaining details like the derpy eyes and this particular fishtail pattern. As a bonus, I added some fish and a background for which I used a photo I took from the Alz a couple of years ago (the Alz is a river that flows right near the village where I grew up).

Done with SAI and Adobe Photoshop.


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StarlightsMarti Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Professional Traditional Artist
Ahhh cool, du bist auch auf deviantArt unterwegs. *freu*
Bin ein riesengroßer Fan des "Ziegenkanals" und es ist echt interessant hier maö zu sehen, was du sonst noch so zeichnest außer diesen extrem coolen und witzigen Bildern für Zieges genialen Kanal! Echt klasse und ich lasse an dieser Stelle gern mal 'nen Watch da. Mach weiter so! :thumbsup:
Tabascofanatikerin Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Hobbyist
Oooh, das ist ja toll!! (wie Dorian sagen würde :D)
Vielen lieben Dank für den sehr lieben Kommentar und die :+fav:s!!
Gerne guck ich mich auch mal in deiner Galerie um :)

Viel Freude an meinen Ziegen- und anderen Bildern ^^
StarlightsMarti Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Professional Traditional Artist
Ich überlege ja demnächst evtl. auch mal 'ne Fanart zum "Ziegenkanal" aufzusetzen, wo alle Charaktere als kleines Gruppenbild in meinem Stil und meiner Interpretation zu sehen sind. Bin nur noch am überlegen, welchen der Stile ich dafür anwende: Etwas eher "niedlich-tooniges" oder aber ich bleibe meinem Hauptstil treu und zeichne sie semirealistisch im Anthro-Furry-Style; würde dann auch was detaillierter ausfallen. Tendenz ist zum letzteren, aber mal sehen. Ideen hab ich schon viele und werde beim Zeichnen wohl andauernd Lachflashs kriegen... xD
Tabascofanatikerin Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist
Oh ja, ich wunder mich eh, warum ich bisher die einzige bin, die bisher was dazu gezeichnet hat :D (hat ja auch erst nur mit normalem Fanart angefangen)

Und Fanarts in eigenen Stilen (oder auch einfach in ganz anderen Stilen als den vom Original) finde ich persönlich eh spannender, denn kopieren kann im Grunde jeder, aber bei deiner Idee etwa würde dein Stil einfach eher durchscheinen und das würde das Fanart wiederum interessanter machen :D

Insofern: ich bin sehr gespannt, was kommt (falls du die Idee zu Papier bringst) :)
LittleMissDevil21 Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I love your art!
Tabascofanatikerin Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2018  Hobbyist
Aaaaaaw, thank you :aww:
Anonnim Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2018
Hi! Do you take request on the future?
Tabascofanatikerin Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2018  Hobbyist
I don't know. What is it all about?
Anonnim Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2018
Please making Carol Danvers (Captain Marvel) and Daisy Johnson (Quake) kissing picture. From Marvel Rising. Based this scene:…………

And Captain Marvel unmasked:…

Tabascofanatikerin Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2018  Hobbyist
Sorry, I don't have the time for requests at the moment.
But I'm sure you will find lots of other artists with more time in their hands to fullfill your requests.
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