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Top 10 favorite TV Shows during my Childhood by Tabascofanatikerin Top 10 favorite TV Shows during my Childhood :icontabascofanatikerin:Tabascofanatikerin 4 5 Esmeralda - Gypsies don't do well inside Stone by Tabascofanatikerin Esmeralda - Gypsies don't do well inside Stone :icontabascofanatikerin:Tabascofanatikerin 125 9 theMeatly by Tabascofanatikerin theMeatly :icontabascofanatikerin:Tabascofanatikerin 48 6 Telefonziege - The main Cast (inked) by Tabascofanatikerin Telefonziege - The main Cast (inked) :icontabascofanatikerin:Tabascofanatikerin 4 0 BATIM - The Butcher Gang by Tabascofanatikerin BATIM - The Butcher Gang :icontabascofanatikerin:Tabascofanatikerin 62 2 Can Shawneek resist fwee Chileedawg??? (Challenge) by Tabascofanatikerin Can Shawneek resist fwee Chileedawg??? (Challenge) :icontabascofanatikerin:Tabascofanatikerin 40 8 BATIM - Tom and Allison by Tabascofanatikerin BATIM - Tom and Allison :icontabascofanatikerin:Tabascofanatikerin 62 3 BATIM - Boris the Wolf by Tabascofanatikerin BATIM - Boris the Wolf :icontabascofanatikerin:Tabascofanatikerin 48 0 Birthday Postcard for my Grandmother (2019) by Tabascofanatikerin Birthday Postcard for my Grandmother (2019) :icontabascofanatikerin:Tabascofanatikerin 13 5 Koko the Clown by Tabascofanatikerin Koko the Clown :icontabascofanatikerin:Tabascofanatikerin 21 3 BATIM - Ink Demon Bendy by Tabascofanatikerin BATIM - Ink Demon Bendy :icontabascofanatikerin:Tabascofanatikerin 66 4 BATIM - Beast Bendy by Tabascofanatikerin BATIM - Beast Bendy :icontabascofanatikerin:Tabascofanatikerin 65 2 Blackhaired Antelope Dragon by Tabascofanatikerin Blackhaired Antelope Dragon :icontabascofanatikerin:Tabascofanatikerin 7 3 BATIM - Susie Campbell by Tabascofanatikerin BATIM - Susie Campbell :icontabascofanatikerin:Tabascofanatikerin 40 0 Sailor Venus of Willendorf by Tabascofanatikerin Sailor Venus of Willendorf :icontabascofanatikerin:Tabascofanatikerin 8 4 Angel's Egg - The Girl by Tabascofanatikerin Angel's Egg - The Girl :icontabascofanatikerin:Tabascofanatikerin 10 3

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Looks like our talented fellow artist :icondestinyblue: has attempted suicide and survived this but needs recovery in a proper environment.
For this donations are currently collected.
I just donated a small amount and want to share this link with you, too:
The original journal about this: Fundraising to help Blue

Hopefully :icondestinyblue: will make it and will recover properly.
She is not my personal friend or something but I admire her art, also her art about mental health (as I can relate to that).

Thank you for your attention :heart:
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Top 10 favorite TV Shows during my Childhood
:iconzwerg-im-bikini: made a new meme template.
Even though there was still another one before to fill out by me (about favourite childhood cartoons...will be uploaded in the near future), I still uploaded this one already.

It is about 10 shows that I used to love so much when I was a child (and by "child" I mean until I hit puberty).
So there won't be any cartoons listed.
Also I focus on shows that were meant to be presented to kids and (mostly) also families in general, that is why I don't include "Monty Python's Flying Circus" here even though I already loved it as a kid back then from early on (in case some of you are surprised).

The order is quite random.

Here we go, from the top left, then clockwise:

- Die Hugo Show
This was by far my favourite game show back then and you cannot imagine what a huge fan I was!
Troll Hugo was a Danish creation but turned into a German, interactive call-in game show. You could call a number and if you were lucky you could participate in a level (there were many different levels: in an ice cave, on a snowboard or skateboard, in a tunnel system slowly filling with water, in the forest, in the sky flying a plane....). You could win cool prizes like a SNES console with games or a bike and you also could talk to the (mostly female) hosts and later even Hugo himself.
Seriously, I made sure as hell not to miss any afternoon when it was aired and one time I freaked out when I was forced to skip TV when we had a thunderstorm. I wrote multiple times to the network that was airing the show, I was collecting of Hugo whatever came into my hands (T-Shirt, stickers, the games for PC and also the CDs with pop songs) and drew a ton of fanart. And I was desperate because not only wasn't I able to participate myself (a phone with keys was required and we still only had rotary telephones) but my parents strictly forbade it anyway (they were very upset when I tried to do it at a friend's house).
So yeah, you can imagine, I was crazy about it and it meant a lot to me.
And if you are in the search of one of the ultimate typical 1990's shows, look no further.

- Bim Bam Bino

This was a puppet show including human hosts and guest stars and that also was kind of a frame program between cartoons (and I watched tons of cartoons, so I hardly could miss "Bim Bam Bino").
The main stars were a mouse called Bino and his friend Lucy the cat.
I enjoyed it pretty much although I admit that I remember little. But I remember the voices of these two plus that I had a stuffed Bino toy and also an audio cassette including Bino in a story.

- Die Sendung mit der Maus
This German creation ("The show with the mouse") not only has existed for decades until today (thus has been watched by many generations of kids) but also is in my opinion one of the best kid's shows in German television.
It is a program specifically made for children where they can learn things like how everyday stuff works or about foreign languages. But there were also cartoon shorts and also a story in the end. So it is also a colourful mix of entertainment and learning.

- Meister Eder und sein Pumuckl
Growing up in Bavaria, Germany, I easily got in touch with this franchise.
This TV show (following some audio plays on records and books) tells the story of an older carpenter living in Munich and a small kobold named Pumuckl. Pumuckl is living among people but only seen by the carpenter who also kind of takes the role of Pumuckl's teacher, father and host. The kobold, however, loves doing shenanigans and being naughty.
What's also interesting is that the show works with a lot of visual tricks like this animated Pumuckl or "invisibility effects". Also the show handles humor so well (with many clever, really funny gags, dialogues, characters and references) while also having some really heavy and dramatic moments also. I still like watching it today.

- Die Wochenshow
You know those comedy formats where they act like news programs and making jokes of current events and famous people.
This "Wochenshow" (= "weekly show") was one of them. This was one of those shows airing once a week and I wanted to watch every episode if possible. It included a cast of four people (that changed throughout the years), sketches, commercial spoofs and own small shows in the studio (like one about pop stars or even one about sex). Also popular were dubbed-over scenes of German politicians.
Of course, as time went by (and I got older) I also wasn't that excited and amused anymore. Some popular cast members quit and the replacements were mostly not that funny, neither were the gags and sketches anymore. But at least for about two or three years I had a lot of fun watching this.

- Princess Fantaghiro
Oh, a fantasy show!
This mainly Italian series featured title character Princess Fantaghiro, the third daughter of a King desperate for a son. However, Fantaghiro is a tomboy, striving to learn reading, fighting and just doing her own thing. She goes on different quests and adventures while falling in love with a prince and meeting other characters like a good (white) witch, an evil (black) witch and a beastly guy.
This was a very good fantasy show in my eyes: the acting was decent (so was the German dubbing), the costumes and effects as well as the settings were pretty good and also the soundtrack was making the atmosphere (theme song: XXX).
I also enjoyed the action, the quests and the woman power acted out here.

- Hallo Spencer
Believe it or not but I wasn't watching the "major puppet shows" back then. Yes, there was Sesame Street, the Muppets or the Augsburger Puppenkiste (a German TV format including marionettes) but for some reason I didn't watch them this much, at least not much enough to tell you about experiences. But another puppet show somehow stuck in my childhood more and that was "Hallo Spencer" which was maybe a German copy of Sesame Street(?). And to be honest, I pretty much remember nothing of the show other than how the title character looks like and what his name is.
But hey, I still watched it a lot back then, so it's on the list.

- 1, 2 oder 3
A German children's game show where teams of kids had to guess the correct meaning of a word or phrase by jumping on the correct field (1, 2, 3).
I don't remember much of it and I think there were also other mini games. But it was a great game show for kids and I also had fun guessing myself.

- German family game shows
Here I packed a few of them in one spot, otherwise half of the template would be filled with them.
1990's German TV was packed with game shows and they were also highly successfull, not only because of the prizes and games but also they felt like events at home.
My personal favourites among them were "Glücksrad" (after "Wheel of Fortune"), "Herzblatt" (after "The Dating Game"), "Geh auf's Ganze" (after "Let’s Make a Deal"), "Der Preis ist heiss" (after "The Price is right") and "Ruck Zuck" (after "Bruce Forsyth’s Hot Streak").
You see, all these game shows (and others) were no original concepts, they were copies from American shows.
Still, I enjoyed them so much and it was quite exciting to watch how well (or bad) the candidates would do.

- Tohuwabohu
One format that is still one of my favourite shows today.
"Tohuwabohu" was a show from Austria and it's concept is pure chaos and nonsense in the form of random cuts (musical playback, sketches, jokes being told, just doing random stuff...). The more episodes there were, the more chaotic and quicker the cuts became. And I enjoyed the hell out of it and still do today.
It is just a concept I have never seen anywhere else and already back then it was very special to me.

Honorable mentions: Otto die Serie, Cult (a very obscure youth program).
Esmeralda - Gypsies don't do well inside Stone
My entry for the "Heroine of the month" topic in the Disney-related group :icondisney-heroines:.

It's a contest project and an opportunity to create something around one character. This time it is Esmeralda, the heroine in "Hunchback of Notre Dame".

However, this time I did not pick a screenshot out of the movie like usual. I planned to do that. But then I remembered that I also have the "Hunchback of Notre Dame" comic book (which is definitely worth checking out btw). I browsed through it and found a panel I chose for this entry. It is the scene where Esmeralda finds sanctuary in the cathedral of Notre Dame after having a fight with villain Frollo at the Feast of Fools. After this and after being told by Frollo that this cathedral would be her prison then, she sits down and talks to her goat Djali.

Done with tablet, SAI, Adobe Photoshop and watercolour.
Telefonziege - The main Cast (inked)
I was practising with ink again and I took the characters of the "Telefonziege" YouTube channel for that (link to channel:… ).
For those who don't know: I have already done a bunch of title cards for this channel and the creator of it makes fun of phone scammers while also showing how they work and scam with potential victims. For this he uses his voice talent to play several characters and all of them happen to be goats.

So I painted them with different ink types and this is a compilation of the standard characters:

From left to right:
Rakesh (the Indian goat), Dimitri (the Russian goat), Roland (the drunk goat), Dorian (the young gay goat), Kevin (the underclass teen goat), Mr. Maulwurf (the very old goat), Gellert Grindelwald (the Swiss goat) and Mr. Sieghard (the ultranationalist goat).

Done with ink (black, sepia, vermilion, carmine, light green, cobalt blue, ultramarine, blue violet)
BATIM - The Butcher Gang
Now I had a try at the Butcher Gang, a gang of side characters and also antagonists in the survival horror game "Bendy and the Ink Machine".
They're names are Striker (a.k.a. Edgar), Piper (a.k.a. Charley) and Fisher (a.k.a. Barley), from left to right here.
In the fictional 1930's "Bendy" cartoons they play the role of rather mean-spirited but funny side characters (like the Beagle Boys or Pete in the Mickey Mouse universe, I'd say). In the game, however, once being brought to life by the ink machine they are used for experiments and wander through the Joey Drew Studios in a zombie-like state, trying to attack you.

Done with ink (black, sepia).


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