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Tagged by: :iconstefandorfer:

  • Create a new journal entry with the rules and the name of the person who tagged you.
  • Answer the 13 questions asked to you.
  • Make 13 questions of your own.
  • Tag 13 other people.
  • You can't say you don't do tags.
  • Tag-backs are allowed.
  • Gotta make a journal. No comments. Unless you're commenting about the actual entry.
  • Make a creative title. As in no "I got tagged" stuff.

1. Do you have a real life hero and why do you admire him/her?
Maybe that would be my older (and only) sister. Because she has done so many good things in life to help others and unlike me she started a family which is a task I find too challenging. And she has always been there for me, she always has been a great sister and I also see her as a great, hard working, intelligent, soundminded woman, mother, wife, daughter.

2. Did you ever fell in love with a fictional character? Who is it and do you still love him/her the same way?
No, I don't think I ever have fallen in love with fictional characters. I found some charming, sure, but I more likely had loving feelings for real artists, not their creations.

3. What was your first video game? (it count the first one you clearly remember)
This would probably be "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade" for DOS. It is an adventure game by LucasArts from 1989 about the movie of the same title (of course).
However, wether it is this game or even the 1987 adventure game "Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards", I cannot remember this clearly.

4. Pirates or vikings?
Pirates. Nothing against vikings but I am more familiar with yarrr pirates!

5. Is there any kind of food you don't tried yet, but really want to eat someday? Even seemingly bizzare things like fried grasshoppers or snake soup.
I cannot really think of something. Also: I am a vegetarian, so a lot of famous examples fall flat, like insects or exotic dishes (which I wouldn't eat anyway because if I would stil eat meat then for defeating my hunger, not for pure "cool" lifestyle choices).
I have already eaten something bizarre for my taste: Natto from Japan. But to be honest, I haven't managed to enjoy that, no matter how hard I have tried so far.
But I would love to join some tea ceremonies and also try special/unusual teas if there is a chance.
Also I would like to know what's the deal with these many fast food restaurants in the US like Wendy's, Denny's or Taco Bell.
Does not sound that bizarre, I know...

6. Is there a movie, that you really like, although everyone else hates it?
I get the feeling that I might be the only person who digs "Pleasantville" very much.
I never got a person to watch it with me. Either they nearly fell asleep or right away just went "Naaaa, don't wanna watch this".
This makes me sad because I think "Pleasantville" is a great movie and a visual treat.

7. If you get the opportunity to create a law, that will last forever, what will it be and why?
I don't sentence for rape and child rape?

8. If your life could be more like a video game, which genre/game should it be?
When it comes to genres I can imagine adventures games as a fitting answer.
Some adventure games play in quite crazy, fantastic or silly scenarios, so it wouldn't be boring. Also it'd be a world where I ought to use my smarts (or develop them in the first place ^^) to get forward in my story/life. It would also be cool if making mistakes or having the wrong ideas wouldn't get me into bad trouble, a lot of adventure games have that.

9. Do you believe in extraterrestrial life?
To a certain degree I do. I think it would be arrogant to think we people on Earth would be the only intelligent living creatures in the universe. But I don't really believe in the stereotype of aliens we got fed for centuries, maybe it's people like us with a lot of very new, different cultures and languages?

10. What nickname would you give yourself, fitting to your personality? (your DA-name doesn't count!!)
Hm...I actually REALLY need more time to think about that. Because I don't like to change my username as often as others change their underware. But it could be something about art and tea this time ^^

11. What are your thought's about remakes/reboots? A good thing for the next generation or an insult to the fans of the classic?
When it comes to movies I rather think the second option.
Meanwhile reboots and remakes have become a real plague. It also almost doesn't matter wether some bad/unsuccessful movie gets a reboot/remake or not. And: I just cannot stand the thought of having a whole bunch of Disney movies getting remade just to make more money. Don't be fooled, it's not really about giving fans a new experience or view on a classic story or giving kids an idea about a classic. I'd rather see more new classics and original stuff.
Sure, there ARE really good reboots/remakes and some of them even outshine the original. But these are more like exceptions.
When it comes to games, I think more positive since some reboots are quite impressive and well done and really can give a new experience on a classic game or classic gameplay. For instance, look at "Ducktales Remastered", the "Resident Evil" reboots or "Tomb Raider: Anniversary".

12. If there's an extinct animal species, that you could revive, which one would it be?
I cannot tell...I have no favourite. And I find it sad in general when animals become extinct because of mankind. That is why I would feel so bad to just give one of them a chance to be revived.

13. What's your most favorite mythological creature?
Mermaids. Yes, that seems to be boring, but really like the concept of mermaids and also whenever they are not only used as supermodels with fishtails in artworks or photography. And a kid I at least wanted to breathe underwater, like mermaids :D


My questions:

1. What art tool would you never ever let go of?
2. Who was probably the person in your life that influenced you the most in your art? (and I mean a person you have met at least once)
3. What do you usually listen to while making art?
4. How do you usually support other artists?
5. What religion do you have resp. do you believe in something?
6. How often/intensively do you use your smartphone/cellphone?
7. Have you ever done art for charity?
8. What would your last meal be (like the last meal you get before execution or just before you pass away)?
9. What games have driven you the maddest? (board/card games included)
10. Do you write letters even in these days where writing real letters kinda came out of fashion?
11. What was the last movie you saw in a theater and how was it?
12. What is your favourite way of transportation (on foot, car, streetcar, helicopter, skateboard...)?
13. Do you have a least favourite animal?

Who I tag:
:iconthemrock: :iconmutantpirateprincess: :iconladyscribbles: :iconzwerg-im-bikini: :iconstarsandpolkadots: :icongaucelm: :iconstarlightsmarti: :iconjustschramme: :iconlove--or--death: :iconrodrev: :iconcrap-zapper: :iconflachzange: :iconstefandorfer:
  • Listening to: Queen
  • Reading: Another Dietmar Wischmeyer Book
  • Watching: Musicless Musicvideos (YouTube)
  • Playing: Boulder Dash 30th Anniversary (PC)
  • Eating: A little Piece of dark Chocolate
  • Drinking: Hot Fruit Tea "Heisser Hugo"


Blackspotted Puffer Mermaid
My mermaid version of a blackspotted puffer, the yellow one (Arothron nigropunctatus citrinellus).

The idea came months ago when :iconthemrock: took me to the Aquarium Berlin. There I noticed this particular fish swimming around.
I can say that I generally like puffer fish because they have such adorable faces and body shapes. Sometimes they seem to be friendly and curious towards people.

The necklace with the lemon slice is a reference to the German name of the fish: "Zitronenkugelfisch".

Done with tablet, SAI and Adobe Photoshop.
Guess these Music Videos Meme Template
This is a blank template, inspired by those "Guess these OCs" memes I have seen now and then on DeviantArt.
But here it is not about original characters, it is about music videos.

To be more clear:
Here you can fill the blank squares with characters or objects out of music videos, especially in your style (however, if you feel like drawing, for instance, in anime style, feel free to do that!).
It is completely your choice which characters/objects from which music videos.

But what are music videos in this context?
  • Actually those that have been aired on TV and meanwhile via (official) channels on YouTube. Videos that were specifically created to "show" a song in video form to the people.
    They can be famous or rather obscure, popular or unpopular, animated or not, crazy, conventional, for kids or for any age group, from all over the world...
    You can guess it: Practically things that can be theoratically recognized by people, saying "Oh yeah, it's from THAT music video".

  • You are not forbidden from taking musical numbers in movies but that's not exactly what this meme was made for.
    For example, take Frank'N'Furter from the "Rocky Horror Picture Show" or Mary Poppins in the famous Disney movie of the same title. They have sung in their movies a couple of times but how to mark out what musical sequences you are displaying when they appear "as usual"? Maybe think of scenes that have particular outfits, gestures or something.

  • If there are music videos that only exist online or may be unofficial but are way too famous to be ignored, feel free to try them out, too.

Have fun and go wild in drawing your favourite or otherwise cherished music videos in some form in your style or any style you want and let your friends guess :)

Done with Adobe Photoshop and SAI.
Screencap Redraws: Sailor Moon 08
This is what I have wanted to do a long time: a bunch of recreations of scenes out of a cartoon.
Here it is "Sailor Moon" (the old series from the 1990s, not the newer "Crystal" one), but I'm planning to have a try at one other cartoon at least.

As you may know, the simple goal is to take a screenshot of a cartoon and redraw it. It can be pretty much in any style, any medium. People like adding stuff to it, add their very own style to it and/or try to improve the original scene by a lot. That way it is way more fun than plain copying.

I took a bunch of "Sailor Moon" scenes - some taken myself off of a DVD, others taken from a Google images search - and redrew them digitally.

In every redraw I wanted to put in my own style while still having the original scene recognizable.
And wherever I could, I tried to make the image funnier by adding details or exaggerate faces.

Also this was another welcomes SAI practice for me :)

Done with tablet, SAI and Adobe Photoshop.


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