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Herr Sieghard and his Lebkuchenherzen
This is Ralph Sieghard, an original character created by the German YouTuber "Telefonziege" (and designed by me). It's the patriotic German Hitler-like goat who also likes to waste the time of phone scammers and bother them with his own issues (like his dislike for the English language).

If you are interested in this German scambaiting and edutainment channel, please check out this link:…

Sieghard's speciality is also making and selling Lebkuchenherzen (gingerbread hearts). I guess this is how he makes a living.

And since gingerbread is very popular in Germany during Christmas time, he might also sell it on a Christmas market. So I had the idea of putting him in a booth and waiting for customers. It started with a simple sketch and I wanted to make something more out of it.

Admittingly it's mostly understandable for German-speaking people but let's say, I would imagine Sieghard's gingerbread hearts designs like this, with all kinds of greetings based on the "good old times" (sarcasm).

Done with SAI and Adobe Photoshop.
Hanukkah at Broflovski's
My painting done in the nick of time for Hanukkah 2018.
Reminder: I'm not Jewish but interested in Jewish culture, also in their traditions, especially Hanukkah which falls around Christmas time, is pretty beautiful and is problably the most famous Jewish holiday for "Goys" like me.

As you can see, I chose Kyle Brovloski and his family from the cartoon "South Park" as a motif.
You see Kyle himself, his cousin (also named Kyle) and adopted baby brother Ike playing a game of Dreidel while Kyle's parents happily watch.

What I tried to do here is not only a small tribute to Hanukkah and South Park, not only to practice some inking again, but also to create a cozy, glowing, peaceful atmosphere while having a not-so-perfect family tradition going on here ;) (you know, Cousin Kyle is anything but popular with the kids of South Park and especially Kyle Brovlofski suffers from his cousin's issues, stereotyped behaviour and his tale-telling towards the strict mom whenever there's even a harmless conflict).

And I chose to try out black and blue ink together. I'm aware that blue is not a warm colour but since a lot of Hanukkah decorations and symbols appear blue, I chose to use it here, too.

Well, I hope you like it and to all the Jewish artists here I wish a very happy festival of lights!

Done with black and blue Indian ink.
Coffee Princess (She-Ra ATPOP 2018)
So, the latest "She-Ra" reboot on Netflix...
I saw it. All 13 episodes of the only season that has been published so far.
You can read my opinion in a nutshell at the bottom of this description text*.
But let's get to this weirdass random fanart.

I couldn't help but having my attention drawn to background stuff in this show like objects and of course characters. Characters that are just there to fill some space and are not suppoused to play a bigger role or to return. Because a lot of that is quite funny to look at.
In the 8th episode "Princess Prom", where a whole bunch of princesses and their partners/friends visit a prom held by Princess Frosta (including She-Ra and her buddies), there are random nameless, silent figures hanging around in the background.
One of them is this princess (at least I guess she is one according to her little crown), always grumpy, mostly with closed eyes (like the main character in the game "Undertale"), always holding this seemingly empty mug in her hand and obviously cannot care less about this event (she looks like she didn't prepare herself after getting up from bed :D).
I felt amused whenever she appeared in the background (during a story that was mostly painful) and I just call her "coffee princess" since her name is never revealed.
Oh and btw this episode gives me more inspiration for a couple of more BG character redraws.

I redrew her in my own style but in the same pose and mood.

Just imagine her appearing in the opening of the cartoon or being asked if she wants to join the rebellion. I find that thought hilarious. What would her super power be? Making enemies asleep?

Done with SAI and Adobe Photoshop.

*now my opinion to this She-Ra reboot in case you are interested:
At least this first season is almost completely horrible. It is written badly, pretty much all the characters are nerve-racking, acting inconsistently and unlikeable, the anime-ish design is ugly (except for a few backgrounds) and cheap looking and the battle between good and bad is presented so horribly wrong.
It made me feel so angry and disappointed that I even think that making a fanart of this new She-Ra, her buddies or her foes would be a waste of energy and time (which makes me sad).
And please don't come with "What do you know, you are not a little girl/teen", "You only have the 1980's She-Ra on your mind" or "Are you a LGTB hater?". All of that is nonsense. I can love good cartoons as well as a kid, I tried my best to see this reboot with and open mind and I am totally into LGTB support (but to see this topic presented in a good way - without having male characters thrown out or presented as idiots because they're male - watch "Steven Universe").
That is my opinion in a (big) nutshell.
Karl the French Scammer at his Working Place
A small change of this artwork:…
I took something out, added a lot of other things and changed the background.
This is suppoused to be what a callcenter work desk for a French stereotype would look like to me, so I'm aware this is jumping the shark. But hey, that was the fun.

Again, the explanation of this character:
It is an original character and yet he exists as a real person.
This dude is a visualization of a phone scammer from France.
He is one of the "main enemies" heard on this YouTube channel called "Telefonziege":…
He calls himself "Karl Dupont" on the phone (although it could also be a fake name as scammers prefer to hide behind fake names) and works for a callcenter that claims to help people with computer problems. But in reality, they scam people who don't know better and called the callcenter. And Karl, although he's French, takes over the German customers and has gotten a lot of Telefonziege's scambaiting calls.
Meanwhile he is so wellknown in the scambaiting and Telefonziege fan community that he has become some kind of "VIP" character.

I have done a bunch of pictures for the channel and its creator. And now the creator as well as the fans demanded some sort of visualization of the scammer.

So that is Karl.
The corrupt, ignorant and highly pissed-off phone scammer from France. And one of the main enemies of the Telefonziege.
And since we don't know how he looks like I gave him a mixed look between the scammers I usually design and a cliche Frenchman (it is NOT against French people in general, so please don't attack me for that, ok? ^^)

You can see my other two so-far-made Karl artworks here:……

Done with SAI and Adobe Photoshop.


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