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Old Fox

Ok, so the fox doesn't really look too old, but I didn't know what else to name him... doodled him a while back. J, you inspired me ;) I did it right after you guys left ( :( ) ...Nothing to special, just somethin' n_n
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i know what you could name him. Vasheil
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pretty old boy :3
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I luff this!
The fox has such a caring face, like he's going to run a important errand for someone despite his old age x3
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This is nice, kind of funny how it almost looks like he's having a staring contest with the firefly.
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Just thought I'd let ya know I featured this piece in this article! =)

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Wow, thank you so VERY much! :D
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You're welcome =)
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Beautiful coloring job! And his expression is so cute!
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I wish to snug him and his firefly pal.
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Maybe he's trying to fool that firefly.... Foxes are tricksters, afterall.
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Aw, I think he's sweet looking. He's got the little black spot on his muzzle that you always drew on Vix. I like. =)
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Heheh, he looks like he has a belly pouch like Phantom. (what? XD) :heart:
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Lol, yes, you are my kick-in-the-butt :3 :heart:
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daaawww I want him to be my grandpa XD
love the texture :]
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LOL! You crack me UP! XD ...You're a doll :3
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he looks wise and like he has a back ache. i like him.

and i love the watercolor/paint style of coloring. gorgeous
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Thats very cute
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tehehe. adorable.
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Aww, this is really cute! I love the soft lighting! :D
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I luff him! ^.^ I bet he's thinking of the day of yore, no doubt.
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LOL! You're probably right :3
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