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Adolph Hoofter's top lieutenant.

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"Would you like to see Equestria rule again, my friend?"

Reference to this, in case you did not get it:…

P.S. : Is sharing allowed? Just asking, because some artists do not want their art to be shared, but they forgot to hide the share buttons.
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oh uh! hitleress!
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F***ing commie. Good thing she won me over during the Season Six finale (seriously, that was awesome!).
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Looks like purple guy!
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"Hello I'm here to model for the female Hitler role?"
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I'm sure somebody else have said this before, but her outfit really makes her look like Purple Guy. Maybet the resemblance-sealer is that golden insignia on her belt? ;p
Oh, and great art, by the way :)
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Ladies and gentlemen..... I present to you........... the reincarnation of Joseph Stalin.
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for a sec i thought the stick was a wip (witch world of been cool too)
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Lovely! Reminds me of a particular industrial album cover. I hope you don't mind if I use it on a music mix thumbnail for Youtube?
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Oh yeah, she would propably looks like that if she was human
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All that is missing is a speech bubble with "Sieg Heil!"
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Yes!!..its her again. xD
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This is so good. I keep coming back to it. She's drawn really well here. This is how I would expect her to look in that universe.
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와... 멋지네요!
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I almost thought she was holding a crop (those whips that drill sergeants have).
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Is it me or is the episode that Starlight was in was not just about the Dangers of Communism, but also the dangers of joining a Cult!
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This picture was so cool, I had to draw it. Here's the link if you want to…
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all she needs is a mustache X3

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Obtain a cutie mark and two more will be replaced.

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How would you translate what Starlight Glimmer did in Equestria into the modern Earth? Does she just become Amon? 
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