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she-ra reboot villains

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Entrapta is more chaotic good than evil

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ROalienStudent Artist

i think shes chaotic neutrual

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According to her wiki page, she’s both

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X-Force02rangerStudent Traditional Artist
kawaiii <3
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TioSokaroStudent Digital Artist
:gun: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:
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PhaedrolousHobbyist General Artist
One is a catgirl looking for attention, one is a princess who isn't as tough as she looks (personality-wise), and a princess embodying the classic young researcher trope of being too invested in science to comprehend social etiquette and courtesy.

And somehow, all three are adorable.
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Catra: “Purr! Your hair smells like cocoa butter.”

Entrapta: “Thanks! It’s probably from that new conditioner I’ve been using.”

Scorpia: “I gotta get me some of that.”
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And then she proceeds to drink the conditioner, because Scorpia is adorable like that ;) 
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h3video1RavenShadowHobbyist General Artist
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AJ162004 Artist
awww the big bad kitty witty is taking a nap
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artist-19845Student Digital Artist
Entrapta, You traitor 
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Watching the show, I'm under the impression that Entrapta has no moral preference whatsoever. She'd work for the Dayleks if it meant access to better technology.

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artist-19845Student Digital Artist
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TheBestGamer100Hobbyist Filmographer
This is all just a big misunderstanding. Hopefully is future she will see the truth. And hopefully the others will be good as well.
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Aimway921Hobbyist General Artist
I just think that the only reason she's working with the Horde is because she's pretty much entirely obnoxious to everything that's going on around her other than her experiments.
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Disneycow82Hobbyist Filmographer
Also the ending of the episode after we are introduced to Entrapta raised some kind of red flag that she might have diabolical traits, regardless of her cute wacky personality.
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Aimway921Hobbyist General Artist
You mean the part where she was excited about the Black Garnet? IDK, still honestly feels like she just simply doesn't care about what happens as long as her experiment goes through.
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devALLjapanHobbyist General Artist
I think disneycow921 was referring to when she knew that the first one tech that makes Shera go nuts and made her robots be all murderous she immediately started working on it again for future experiments. Despite the fact that it was clearly a dangerous artifact. 
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Aimway921Hobbyist General Artist
To me it still seemed to be implied that she is morally obnoxious. She doesn't grasp the concept of right or wrong. And as for the "it makes Shera go nuts... ... started working again", well, keeping the morally obnoxious idea in mind, she most likely views that going nuts as a simple failed experiment. And, as we all know, in science, failures are stepping stones towards success.
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Nu-clearWinterHobbyist Traditional Artist
The hairhands!!!! Can we talk about these ADORABLE stroking hands made out of ponytails, who also serve as a kitty blanket here? Aaaaah.
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The redemption ark for these three is gonna be sooo juicy. Admittedly long and stubborn but it'll be good nonetheless.
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EuphoricFooxHobbyist General Artist
its just like the original buT mORe DetAilEd
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clubpenguin1Student Traditional Artist
so very awesome :D
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