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school bus

with sunset
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It's Princess Bacon!

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I would've imagine I got on the bus and it happens that Sunset is on the bus and she knows that I could hangout with a new friend from Canterlot High and we both chill out and hang out together as friends. ;) Great artwork also Ta-Na
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Oh... well.... I-if you really want me to.
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Sunset Shimmer looks like a cute and beautiful girl at this picture
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yes i will sit nest to you.
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Sunset: Hey Glim-Glam or Trixie/Patricia, I saved a seat for you!
Lightning-Mover256's avatar
I'll gladly sit down beside you, Sunset!  :D
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She so eager, it too adorable! I like the lighting in the top of her hair. Really catches the eye. And the shading pretty good too. ^^
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Excuse me! Push the douchebag* my apology I am fan of you your the best sunset Shimmer!
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Bring it Tough Guy!
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I feel you man. I do the EXACT same thing.
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Life's rough for our kind.
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okay, i guess that sounds pretty good.
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Sure. I will seat next to you. That's pretty kind of you but after I do that? May i hold your hands and having "FUN?"
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~Looks at Sunset~
If I sit next to you, may I kiss you, and hold your hand?
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Well, I usually sit next to Twilight, but okay.
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Sunset: Okay, okay, darling, you can sit with me as long as you don't bring fried eggs and bread here. I am sick to death of being called Bacon Hair! As soon as I get a chance, I'm going to Rarity's to have my hair colouring scheme altered. MY HAIR IS NOT FOR EATING! Okay?
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ok i will sit next to you
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i cant say yes enough times 
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